1. C

    New Pool - Picasso Blue Signature Matrix (Wet Edge)

    Hi Everyone! We just signed a contract for our new pool and are so excited! We are leaning towards selecting Picasso Blue which is part of the Signature Matrix product from Wet Edge. I tried looking online and could not find many pictures of pools with this color. The couple of pictures we did...
  2. J

    What is this spot?

    I have a brown spot on pool sidewall that isn't going away. I have ph at 7.2, chlorine at 30 ppm 6 bags of shock, and cya is 50 ppm. Brushing 3 times a day, however spot grows yellow shell after 24 hours. I attach a picture of after I brush, and 24 hours of growth.
  3. P

    NPT StoneScapes Micropebble Experience

    I found a post in the forums about a contractor advising not to use micropebble. Are there any known problems with it? Any input would help! Also, how much more expensive is it than mini pebble?
  4. P

    Stonescapes Mini Pebble Bizarre Upcharge??

    We signed a contract to install Stonescapes mini pebble (the color wasn't specified at the time). We are in the in demolition phase now. My understanding was that I could select any color on the Stonescapes Mini Pebble website. When we told our PB that we selected Zanzibar minipebble, he...
  5. Cath in La Quinta

    Pebble just installed yesterday and some concerns

    Hi guys, we’re in the SoCal desert and yesterday they installed Stonescape Aqua White mini pebble in our new pool/spa. Thus far we’ve been thrilled with the look of the pool. But today after further inspection and after the acid wash treatment, we’re seeing a lot of little things that concern...
  6. X

    Sealer for Pool Pebble

    Guys i have a 20+ year old pool - the pebble is falling off like crazy - IS there a sealer i can use to seal it in - I'm doing a drain and refill (for other reasons) Thought i can kill 2 birds with 1 stone if there is any such application. every time i review my dolphin cleaner basket it has...
  7. G

    Mini Pebble Application - Too Thin?

    Hi All, I just had mini pebble installed and it looks spread a little too thin to me. The pool surface seems almost blotchy--pool not yet filled with water. See pictures. Is this normal? Thank you!
  8. KDpoolguy

    New Pool, New Cleaner

    Always love seeing all my fellow TFPers new pools and I’m thrilled to share my new pool (when escrow closes soon o_O). Built in 2000, 12000 gal Freeform IG pebble pool, and a huge 1800 gallon elevated spa. It’s my First stab at an SWCG pool, and happy it’s been freshly drained, acid wash/media...
  9. C

    New Pebble finish stained

    Hello guys, need some help. I just got my new pool installed. It was filled with water about a week ago. Immediately after filling with water I noticed 3 problems. One was a "bare spot" on one of the steps where you can only see plaster and no pebble. The second is similar bare spots on the...