New Pebble finish stained


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Jan 13, 2019
Hello guys, need some help. I just got my new pool installed. It was filled with water about a week ago. Immediately after filling with water I noticed 3 problems. One was a "bare spot" on one of the steps where you can only see plaster and no pebble. The second is similar bare spots on the jacuzzi step, but the glue that holds the tile down is showing instead of plaster. The third is the one that's concerning me the most, the pebble underneath the drain caps (I think that is what they are called) is stained. This is because the water was dripping out of the pipes while the pebble was being acid washed. So is there any way to remove these stains? The pool guy said you can't help that because the pipes are pressurized with water and then leaked once they are cut open. I don't believe that there is no way to prevent this. Any insight would be very helpful.


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Jul 10, 2012
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For the places that do not show any pebble you can do some aggressive brushing to see if that will uncover the pebble. It is there but the plaster cream was not acid washed off. Your PB can have someone come out to put acid on just those spots to try to get the cream off the pebble.

drain caps-do you mean the pipe where the water comes back to the pool from the filter? It could have been prevented by not cutting the pipe yet or removing all of the water before adding the plaster. To fix the stain could be the same as above-acid on just that area. The problem with the acid wash is that is removes some of the plaster and over time that could cause problems down the road.

bare spot=I am thinking a picture of this spot is needed as I really can't picture what you mean.

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