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    Trouble with Pentair Laminar Fountain Jet

    Laminar jet has slipped 4" down the concrete sleeve. I bought a reverse pliers to extract, but it still isn't budging. Has anyone had this issue? What are my options?
  2. K

    Improvement Circulation With One Return

    I'm wondering what I can do to improve circulation and flow throughout our 20x40 pool. It only has one return jet on the deep end. Maybe a fountain or something? I got an infusion return jut to help but still doesn't seem to be moving water that great.
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    Fire and water spillway bowl with pedestal

    Barrier Reef Whitsunday 35 lounger installed last summer with 3 spa jets on steps and a bubbler on the lounger. Had them add a valve and plumb for a future water feature. It’s now future. I have this little pedestal over the pipe right now holding a plant. I want a pedestal that holds a...
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    Need advice on building DIY pool fountain for Coleman pool

    We need someone handy to help us figure out the best way to build a DIY pool fountain for a Coleman Power Steel Swim Vista Series pool (the one with Windows). I have attached pics of our intakes, pool pump and returns. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!