concrete deck repair

  1. C

    Coping/Concrete problem

    We are currently installing a pool and have some major problems with the concrete and coping. There are major aesthetic issues with the concrete but in addition to that, the concrete had a lot of honeycomb areas visible along the coping. and exterior edge. We are extremely concerned about the...
  2. T

    Safely remove concrete deck around vinyl liner IG pool for repairs?

    Hello all, I recently bought a home with a neglected pool (installed mid-1970s) in need of rehabilitation. I’ve had several pool contractors come out and received varying suggestions on how to proceed. The pool at a minimum will need a new liner and plumbing/electrical updating. The concrete...
  3. S

    Concrete patio coming away from pool lip

    Hi there, hope this post finds you well. I have an old gunite pool, the previous owners put a stamped concrete deck in all around. On the far side, the concrete has settled and a gap has shown. I just want to confirm this is purely cosmetic and doesn't put the pool's structure in any danger...
  4. JessB412

    Concrete coping- expectations too high?

    My concrete coping is incredibly rough - Any way to smooth it out so it doesn’t tear us up next summer? Also, is it normal to have cracks on a brand new pour? It did have fiber mesh but it was a large pour deck 12ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10 ft around 18x36 pool. Over 1500 sq ft. Of course contractor is...
  5. L

    Hairline Cracks on Concrete Deck

    HI All, I have numerous hairline cracks on my concrete pool deck. The deck paint does not fill them in so I am looking for a product I can use. They are too small for caulking does anyone know a product I could use to fill them in before I re-paint. Thank you in advance