Concrete patio coming away from pool lip


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Feb 5, 2019
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I have an old gunite pool, the previous owners put a stamped concrete deck in all around. On the far side, the concrete has settled and a gap has shown. I just want to confirm this is purely cosmetic and doesn't put the pool's structure in any danger. Only other thing to note is that there is a foam like material that appears to line the pool if i stick my hand in the crack. Not sure what that is for, just want to make its ok that it is "exposed" to the elements.

Appreciate any help you can provide!



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Jul 21, 2013
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That is your pool expansion joint. The pool and deck ae designed to move independently as separate structures. It is more likely the deck sunk as you can see the cracks in the deck.

The pool expansion joint should be filled with foam backing rod and a flexible mastic sealer like Deck-O-Seal.