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    Cold weather issue

    I’m out of town and we were about to hit 25F for around 48hrs. My wife doesn’t know how to work any thing so i was able to get her to enable cold temp pump run and set the heater to the lowest setting possible. Definitely going to cost me some cash but better than pool damage was my thinking. If...
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    Newbie from California

    Grateful for all the knowledge on here and getting to learn more ! I am going swimming today and hopefully through the winter but darn the water got cold the last few weeks :)
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    OCLT affected by cold air/warm water?

    FC: 15.5 CC: .5 CYA: 40 Ph: 8.0 TA: not recently measured I’ve been in SLAM mode for four days (Keeping FC 16-17ppm). The reason: The pool hadn’t been swam in for a week. Yellow/brown sediment on the bottom, but not the sides. I believe it was pollen (based on forum posts I read here). I...
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    Hayward 400btu Heater starts and runs but not heating

    Hello, Opened pool up for the season yesterday and turned heater on today. It appears to light the blower is on and the flow is fine. It does not sound anywhere near as loud as it used to and the water returning back to the pool is at most 2゚ warmer. Any thoughts?
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    Pool leaking only when cold & pump is off

    Title pretty much says it. We had the same problem last winter around December & paid to have sonar leak detection. They patched the holes in late December. By February, it had leaked again. I’m talking 8-12 inches a month kind of leak. The pool guys said basically they had no clue— the patches...