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    Spa start up ph and alkalinity problem

    My PH is over 8.2. My test kit doesn’t go higher than that. My alkalinity is reading around 180 on the strips. I was following the directions on the PH decreaser which was close to 2 tablespoons at a time. I used almost half the bottle of PH decreaser with little change. After that I took in a...
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    Spa start up ph and alkalinity problem

    Filled my new spa yesterday and we are using bromine. This morning Ph is high along with high alkalinity. Have added PH decreaser with no effect on ph or alkalinity. Also, notice a blue rings to the water now. Any suggestions?
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    Hot springs hot tub question

    I won’t get into the drama with this hot tub, but can I leave the circulation pump running and shut off the breaker to the heater? We had a repair done and they ended up breaking the cavana cover so we are waiting for that to get repaired. The cover doesn’t close all the way so I don’t really...
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    Ideal pump speed

    Thanks so much. I assume if I am running the slide or vacuuming, running the heater I would need to turn it up higher?
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    Ideal pump speed

    I have a 3HP pentaire variable speed pump intelliflo. My pool is chlorine and 37,000 gallons. What would be a good speed for my pump. The person that opened my pool has it set at 3400. I just recently realized that is probably way to high and I am not looking forward to my energy bill. Could...
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    Vacuum accident by idiot

    I seem to be the problem child around here mostly because I know nothing. I tried vacuuming my pool this afternoon and the vacuum head came loose and the hose ended up out of the pool and sucked in some air. I turned off my pump right away, but lost prime. I have a sand filter, chlorine pool...
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    Pentaire heater help

    It’s the heater that has the service light. This time the pool heated up to 70 and I set it to 71. It did shut off after it hit 70. Curious as to why it didn’t shut off at 71 degrees. The easy touch seems to be so quirky.
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    Pentaire heater help

    My pentaire gas heater works. However, when it reaches the temp I set on the easy touch and heater instead of shutting off it will say 70 degrees, and the service button comes on. It appears to blow out colder air from the vent so I do think it stops heating. I don’t know if this is normal. I...
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    Is this concerning?

    Well, I have never owned a pool. So I am still trying to learn all the things. The pool company opened the pool last Thursday. They set everything so I guess I am sort of at their mercy as far as what things are set at at the moment. They are hard to get a hold of. Our water is very cloudy etc...
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    Is this concerning?

    It’s a pentaire pool pump. Intelliflo variable speed ultra energy efficient pump. I recently did a backwash and the pressure has only gone up slightly.
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    Is this concerning?

    This meter was running at about 70 since our pool opening. After leaving the cover open today to add chemicals, it went down a lot. I cleaned skimmer baskets. Any thoughts why this gage would go down?
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    Cleaning pool skimmers

    That’s a great idea.