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    Newbie Here from Brooksville, FL

    Welcome..lots of floridian forumites here. BTW..your rains same as mine..may raise your PH..a little muriatic acid will offset nicely. :cool:
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    Looking for Black Algae Expertise

    Got a few of those "Sharpie" dots too...wanna stab em with an ice pick.:mad:
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    Resort Pool... Gross.

    Dang..and i thought seeing the phillips screws on my main drains was good enough:D
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    How do I get rid of this back algae?!

    I have a couple of black dots on shallow end steps...they are like epoxy bumps. I would like to take an ice pick to them but refrain. Your CYA 70..maybe raise your FC a little higher but probably won't address the above waterline "nastys"
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    TFP Expert Discussion - pH and Alkalinity

    So these presentations will be on you tube or?
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    How do you chlorinate your pool?

    Ditto above..and we are in the hot fla sun. I think bird cage screen enclosure helps. I like the idea of SWG's but compared to $4.00 for 2.5 gallons of 10.25% LC (ACE hardware bulk) ..thats $1.59/ wk...well we'll stay with that for now. I am tinkering with a slow drip in pool liquid chlorine...
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    Iron staining and 0 PPM when water tested.

    Off topic a CYA 80 as well, FC i keep between 7 and 11...water nice and clear.
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    CYA drop?

    My pool and location similar to yours...8 inch drop and then rain topped it off brought my CYA down from 100 to 80. I keep FC in the 6 to 10ppm range. Water is xtal clear. PH does climb after these Fla rains..a little MA cures that.
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    Vitamin C Tablets on Battery Acid stains WORKS! (with pictures)

    Vitamin C at Dollar Tree..guess how much:unsure:
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    Complete green algae

    I believe if you donate to TFP a discount is applied to your test kit..something i am going to do soon.
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    Refilling due to CYA: Free Chlorine at 13 ppm and green?

    "Chlorine lock is an industry term has no bearing here at TFP" quoted above..i used the phrase before but no more. For almost a year my CYA was 100 (now 60) as prior owner tabbed to much. Used TFP"s FC/CYA chart and set FC between 7 and 11ppm....water has always stayed clear.
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    Reminder to check your CYA weekly

    I still use the aqua check 7-way strips for cya and compare to pinch a Penny. They pretty much always match. TF 100 is in our future though.
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    replacing motor on pump housing - impeller seal (the one with the spring) separated from metal plate and plate is now stuck on shaft

    As long as shaft has no damage you should be in good shape. Salt rated seals are best replacement. INYO pools a good source .
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    I Love TFP But...

    SWG someday..LC 1.59/gallon 10.25% ACE hardware bulk..2.5 gallons last 2 weeks here in central fla. Screened enclosure helps. Half a minute every two days is easy maintenance. I can see some definite advantages with SWG esp if we go on vacation.
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    Better CYA test?

    TF100 :) soon for us but for the last year and 4 months Aquachek 7 ways (CYA) have matched Pinch a Penny readings. I then use the TFP CYA/FC chart to set my FC...water xtal clear. We only use liquid chlorine(1.59 per gallon bulk local ACE hardware) and occasional muriatic acid after hard rains.