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    Pool/solar closing questions in Sacramento area

    Thanks! This is my first winter here but from what I read there should be no hard freezes. It's Usda agricultural zone 9b. I don't think I'll need to do everything in the link. I'll do some more reading.
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    Pool/solar closing questions in Sacramento area

    Hi - this is my first year with a pool that came with a house and thanks to this website have figured out the equipment and how to care for it. Is there anything I need to do to prepare my pool for winter other than drain the solar heater and add chlorine manually if the water is too cold for...
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    Cleaner questions

    Hi guys - I inherited a cleaner with my pool home purchase recently. It's a pressure side with a dedicated booster pump. I have a picture attached. It looks like a polaris 380. Do you agree? Also - it doesn't work well. The backup valve is stuck in backup mode (which I've removed), the body...
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    Help removing gas heater

    Hi, I just purchased a house with a pool and it has a broken gas heater and a working solar heater. Given that the gas heater is broken I am trying to remove it since there is already solar as well and I live in a warm climate (Sacramento). I was going to form a U shaped connector from the...
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    Cracks and sealant

    found a slightly deeper gouge In the lining of the pool - anything to worry about? Thanks!
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    Cracks and sealant

    Hi- I just bought a house with a pool last month and thanks to this site have been learning how to manage it. First time pool owner so have some questions with photos attached. 1. I noticed the liner has a divot. (This is a pebble finish, right?) should I try to fill it with an underwater...