Help removing gas heater


Jul 24, 2020
Sacramento, CA
I just purchased a house with a pool and it has a broken gas heater and a working solar heater. Given that the gas heater is broken I am trying to remove it since there is already solar as well and I live in a warm climate (Sacramento). I was going to form a U shaped connector from the heater inlet to outlet however cannot find the correct couplings (it's a pentair heater). Instead, I am considering cutting the plumbing pipe and just connect input to output (see photo). My question is, there is a check valve after the heater output before the SWG. Do I still need that part or can I remove it since I will no longer have a gas heater. The valve in question is circled in the photo. My proposed cuts to plumbing are with red lines and I will connect between them removing the circled valve.




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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
The check valve there is not needed. Was probably there for when they had a trichlor tablet feeder.

The Pentair unions are proprietary. So you will need to cut them off and connect things separately.