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    Converting from Natural Gas to Electric

    A typical gas heater (400K BTU) will heat a regular size spa about 1 degree/minute. Assuming you are bringing the water up from 70 to 100 degrees it will take about 30 minutes with a gas heater. The Raypack (27KW 92K BTU) will take over 4 times as long almost 2 hours. So after 2 uses you...
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    Concrete Sealant for Rough Pool Deck

    Kool Deck coating would smooth that out. However, the prep and application should be done by a pro for it to last.
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    Design concepts for pool in Prosper, TX

    That's a perfect pool for watermelon ball.
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    Quartzscape v/s Pebble sheen v/s wet edge

    We have the Quartzscape Midnight Blue its a deep rich blue we love it. As with most dark finishes there will be some initial mottling but it eventually evens out with time.
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    'The Pool Cleaner' Replacement Tires

    Some renovated concrete pools have a "spray in" fiberglass coating.
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    Umbrella Sleeves - Any downside?

    I find the sleeves are to shallow and any wind will pick up those big umbrellas and blow them across the deck or pool which is a safety issue. And yes wind will do damage to plaster or gunite if the umbrella is left in for an extended period. Look for an umbrella with the vents on top which...
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    Solar panels worth it?

    I have 2 pools in Arizona one with solar, one without solar. Today the non-solar pool is about 75 degrees vs, the solar pool 88 degrees. For me its definitely worth it because it extends my swimming season from April thru Oct. I don't use a solar cover and even if there is some heat loss...
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    Spa Size

    I would say the average spa is 7 or 8 feet. Be aware that a 10 ft spa will take a long time to heat up and the gas will be expensive.
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    SWG End Caps Too Tight. Can't remove.

    I use a cheap oil filter wrench from Walmart.
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    Late to the Party, New Build in Progress in NC

    A 2 HP blower for only 6 jets might blow you out of the water. Why didn't they just use a Venturi air intake and make it adjustable?
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    Raised Spa versus Flat Spa

    A raised spa also gives you bench seating.
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    Pentair Warrior SE vs. Dolphin S200

    The Pentair rebate form states the qualifying purchase price for the Warrior SE is $849 or more and requires a copy of the sales receipt.
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    Help users find Liquid Chlorine

    I would suggest pool owners go to local Facebook pages to get recommendations on where to find Chlorine.
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    Help users find Liquid Chlorine

    I am sorry but this thread is about as useful as posting where can I find milk, eggs and toilet paper. OBE.
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    Spillover height

    I designed the raised spa coping to be 18" above the patio deck for outdoor seating comfort. The spillover drop from the spa water level to the pool ended up being 18" which works fine.