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    A few questions regarding a new Stenner pump installation

    Maybe a fake rock? They come in multiple sizes and colors to cover stuff in the yard and some are already insulated on the underside. Google Well fake rock and you will see a bunch of options.
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    Deleted post to a thread from last year

    Actually, it is owned by a single entity - TFP is a Non-Profit Corporation under the laws of North Carolina. It is not a co-op in any stretch of the imagination. TFP is run by a group of officers. It is a single entity. While input from members of the forum is always welcome, that does not...
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    Hello I am IrishRose87

    Welcome!! As you posted your question in another thread, we will just keep this one to say hello.
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    Ozone and Sanitation

    It's chemistry. In it's natural state, chlorine is a gas. Many large commercial pools actually use gas injection systems to chlorinate their pools. Now, to change chlorine into something we can use at home it needs to be bound to something to turn it into a solid. The...
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    Questions using an In-line Trichlor feeder and water chemistry

    I will just point out, baking soda raises TA, not pH. pH can be raised in three ways: borax, soda ash, and aeration. Borax is usually the best choice. Borax raises the pH and also raises the TA level just a little. If your TA level is low soda ash will raise both the pH and TA levels. If your...
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    A Major Thank You

    As a moderator, this is what we pride ourselves on. We want friendly interaction and the person asking the question to get teh answer they need.
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    I have been battling high PH for the past 2-3 years.

    Yup, the higher the TA the faster the pH rise. Most of us keep TA around 60. My pool loves 50
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    I have been battling high PH for the past 2-3 years.

    It's generally not a problem, it's just the nature of pools - pH tends to rise. More activity in the pool and higher TA will cause it to rise faster. Post a full set of test results please - FC CC pH TA CH CYA
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    VGreen 270 with Intermatic MultiWave automation

    @dhy4b May have some information on this
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    Natural Chemistry CYA reducer

    Which Taylor test kit do you have?
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    Cracked sand filter during freeze

    For now you should be able to put the valve in recirculate mode which bypasses the filter. This way you can continue to add chlorine and circulate so the pool doesn't start to get funky. I don't know if I'd even hire someone from Homeadvisor unless you have no friends that know basic PCV...
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    Why does Hot Spring say not to use compressed Bromine?

    I've had pas/hot tubs for going on 40 years. This is the best method I've found-
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    Test kits Canada

    Cross border shipping can be an issue for anyone selling Taylor chemical reagents. One company has an exclusive contract with Taylor, so US based companies can't ship north of the border by contract with Taylor. Family/friends that will re-ship or commercial forwarding companies are the options.
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    Copper as algecide

    No matter how much rain you have the copper does not go away. Some will be splashed out, but I'm betting almost all of what you have added is still there. I'm not sure what you mean by "We chlorinate before swimming.", but without residual chlorine in the water all the time yu really don't...