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    Tons of rain - order to add chemicals?

    Thanks for all the help! My drop test was 3000, the swg is measuring 2600, its always much lower than my test.
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    Tons of rain - order to add chemicals?

    Hey y'all! so we have had about 3 weeks of rain here in TX and want to get my pool all balanced out. With the overflow from so much rain my SWG thinks my salt is too low and I guess when it thinks that it doesn't produce chlorine, or not as much?? Here are my test results, is there an order I...
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    Finalizing PB Quoting and Equipment List, Austin, TX

    With your 2 faux infinity edges and the dropoff, find out where the PB plans on putting the skimmers. :) I have a 14" depth shelf and love it...really depends on what you plan to use the shelf for.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    Hasn't gotten over 81 degrees yet (husband and little one have swam a bunch)... I cannot wait till it hits 85+
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    Taking the plunge... (pun intended)

    They will start to fill the pool after they acid wash. Hopefully all those worry areas will be gone after acid wash. :giggle:
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    My New Pool in SCHERTZ, TX

    I am not having any grass in the backyard by my pool so I am not sure. Only doing the grass in the front.
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    Help with Pebble Sheen Finish

    awesome! Prism Blue was my first pick but was an upgrade in pricing so we got Blue surf but very happy with it.
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    My New Pool in SCHERTZ, TX

    Finally getting the disaster in the front/side yard fixed from the pool construction access. HOA will be happy... :giggle:
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    Does Pebble Sheen come pre mixed or is it mixed on site?

    We have Blue Surf and they mixed on the truck, brown and white bags.
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    In the planning stages...

    Does it flower? I might want one too! :D
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    In the planning stages...

    That's cool looking, does it drop anything? leaves and such?
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    New Build SEPA