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    How much is gunite or fiberglass worth over vinyl?

    So here's the your climate, how many months of the year can you use your pool? Here in Michigan where we can only use our pool 6 months of the year, vinyl is very prevalent. I would never spend 200K on a pool that I can only use for six months of the year. You better like the cover...
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    Reef liner by Latham

    They are grey :)
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    Vinyl Liner Pattern Roundup Project - Post Pic & Name Of Your Liner

    Try not to freak out. That is definitely NOT what your water will look like once it's balanced. Give it a few more days and you will love it!
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    Reef liner by Latham

    Love it!!! My favorite liner :love:
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    Sports Pools vs Deep/Shallow End Pools

    I guess to me if it's at least 6' deep, it's over most people's heads and I consider that a deep end? I guess Dirk's poll should have been asked "would you prefer a diving pool or not", lol?
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    Sports Pools vs Deep/Shallow End Pools

    Our pool is 36' x 14' with 4' shallow end and a 6' deep hopper. We like to jump/cannonball in the deep end to enter the pool. Kids play basketball and jump in catching the football in the deep end while adults all hang out in chairs on the tanning ledge or stand in the shallow end with a...
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    Building! New IGP in MN

    Wow that's huge! Looks like you have a nice big yard for it. Are you putting in a diving board or slide? Have you picked out your liner yet? Good luck on the rest of your build :)
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    20/20 hindsight.... what do you regret spending or not spending $$ on?

    Really like having the sunshelf and would not want a pool without it. We have 6" deep water on the shelf and we and others really like that depth. We put some adirondack style chairs in there and sit with our feet on the Also really enjoy our colored lights, two in the pool...
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    Shotcrete (input needed)

    Nope, that would drive me nuts. It needs to be centered on the wall. Once you have water in the pool, you won't notice the shelf so much, it will be viewed as one big body of water and that descent will be off center.
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    New Pool in Pennsylvania

    Everything turned out beautiful!! Love seeing pics of people enjoying their pretty pools :)
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    Vinyl Liner Pattern Roundup Project - Post Pic & Name Of Your Liner

    Our pool goes from 4' to 6' hopper deep end with a 6" of water tanning shelf. I'm so glad I went with this liner. Every day I look at it I smile :)
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    New Rectangular In Ground Build (in progress) Eastern PA

    Looks beautiful! Everything coordinates so well. I'm such a sucker for clean lines and light water!! Great job!!!
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    Iowa Build

    Love the pavers!!! Everything looks fantastic! Hope you still have some hot weather to enjoy it yet this summer :)
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    Slightly cloudy pool

    Thanks so much for all your help!! Nothing prettier than the TFP sparkle!!
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    Slightly cloudy pool

    Did do a SLAM, pool is now crystal clear and passed OCLT, got CYA up and now letting FC drift down to 7-8. TA still very high, has been high since opening. Not sure how to get that down when PH is a 7.2. Do I want to lower PH even more? So grateful for my TF-100 test kit. Would drive me crazy...