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    Vinyl Liner Pattern Roundup Project - Post Pic & Name Of Your Liner

    Hi Jen, so sorry about your current situation. Glad you’re all okay and your insurance will cover your pool. We have the Reef liner with grey skimmers and drains. It looks really nice and think it would look great with grey stairs. We have liner covered stairs and ledge.
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    Bad concrete & coping job?

    OMG your concrete looks like my concrete, lol. The guys who cut our expansion joints were doing it in the dark with a flashlight!! We are in Michigan also, wonder if we used the same builder....
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    New Pool Quote - Space Coast of FL

    Great design! The only thing I would consider is changing your first step into more of a ledge. You have a lot of space in front of your steps that you could use. Sounds like you have little ones and a tanning ledge would be awesome.
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    New Build in SoCal - Pebble tomorrow, Start up Saturday

    Ours is about 11-12" of water. Works great when you sit on Adirondack style chairs. We have two deep end benches that are 18" of water depth and would not want the tanning ledge that deep.
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    Spa Vs Stand Alone Hot Tub? Help! Save my marriage.

    I see that you are in NJ. Won't you have to close your pool for the winter? Not sure you can keep just your spa open and close the pool and if so, seems like that might create some problems for the plumbing...
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    Tanningledge or not?

    We use our ledge the most. We put a few of the plastic adirondacks on there and sit with our feet and a bit of our lower half in the water which is 6" deep. We do have 1 return and 2 lighted bubblers. Would not change a thing about it.
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    2016 New Pool Build - Pearland TX

    Congrats on the move and the new house, how exciting! I always loved your pool, one of my faves. Curious, in your new pool build will you add a table again? Just wondered if you liked it and used it often?
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    How much is gunite or fiberglass worth over vinyl?

    So here's the your climate, how many months of the year can you use your pool? Here in Michigan where we can only use our pool 6 months of the year, vinyl is very prevalent. I would never spend 200K on a pool that I can only use for six months of the year. You better like the cover...
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    Reef liner by Latham

    They are grey :)
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    Reef liner by Latham

    Love it!!! My favorite liner :love:
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    Sports Pools vs Deep/Shallow End Pools

    I guess to me if it's at least 6' deep, it's over most people's heads and I consider that a deep end? I guess Dirk's poll should have been asked "would you prefer a diving pool or not", lol?
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    Sports Pools vs Deep/Shallow End Pools

    Our pool is 36' x 14' with 4' shallow end and a 6' deep hopper. We like to jump/cannonball in the deep end to enter the pool. Kids play basketball and jump in catching the football in the deep end while adults all hang out in chairs on the tanning ledge or stand in the shallow end with a...
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    Building! New IGP in MN

    Wow that's huge! Looks like you have a nice big yard for it. Are you putting in a diving board or slide? Have you picked out your liner yet? Good luck on the rest of your build :)
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    20/20 hindsight.... what do you regret spending or not spending $$ on?

    Really like having the sunshelf and would not want a pool without it. We have 6" deep water on the shelf and we and others really like that depth. We put some adirondack style chairs in there and sit with our feet on the Also really enjoy our colored lights, two in the pool...