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    AGP ladder - how to keep child safe?

    We have a ladder that the steps actually flip up and lock giving them nothing to grab on to except two PVC poles. That may be one of the better options?
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    New homeowner with Pool

    With the liner being 4 years old, unfortunately it does sound like a new liner will be a must. As liners age, they lose their flexibility and with out know how well the water was maintained prior to your purchase, it is most likely shot. Take a look around online for expandable liners. A liner...
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    One Year Old Pump Locked Up!

    I actually live in Lenoir City TN now, so you are in my neck of the woods! Is the pool inground or above ground?
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    New pool liner

    Test your fill water to see where you are starting out at. Then we will be able to provide some guidance on what to adjust and when!
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    New liner install / cutting into liner for Haywood Elite light installation

    You should be fine to cut out the liner at that point. Once there is 12-17 inches of water the liner is pretty much set. Make sure you do it when its warm out!
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    Easy touch questions! thanks!!

    Hi all, Hope someone can help, I currently have the easytouch 4 with a wireless remote. I am looking to change over to the screen logic2 but didn't know if the wireless adapter that the remote works off of is the same that is needed for the screen logic (The antenna thing that is attatched to...
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    Looking for build pics for a blog article!

    You can use mine as well, I have some other completed pictures too! Feel free to PM me!!-some-pictures!
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    Oops! I forgot my pool! (A photo series)

    Just have to ask- was reading through your thread and saw you were doing a vineyard! What type of grapes are you growing? We got ours up and going this spring, what an undertaking! Also where at in ohio are you? Clayton
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    new pool - we have finally started! + some pictures!

    R_willis- Thanks! I love having land- grew up on a farm, and subdivision living just isn't for me! We are actually only about 15-20 minutes east of gahanna! Also lived there for a period of time! Also my sister and her family and the other halls brother and family live in cinci! What builder...
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    new pool - we have finally started! + some pictures!

    Just thought I'd give a photo update! We are slowly moving along! image by cdsdeg, on Flickr image by cdsdeg, on Flickr image by cdsdeg, on Flickr image by cdsdeg, on Flickr
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    new pool - we have finally started! + some pictures!

    Thanks everybody! Carnut- I have a thread some where with better pictures of the liner- I am on my phone right now and can't find it! The color really is beautiful! Kjm- I believe the fireplace was made by housewarmings- got it from a local place called scioto valley- if you google them you...
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    new pool - we have finally started! + some pictures!

    Well, things are finally starting to move! Concrete has been finished, autocover is finished, and we are ready to go! Outdoor fireplace has gone in and the out door kitchen! Just have the stone work left on the hot tub as well as the laminars! The landscaping starts this week, so I have been...
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    new pool - we have finally started! + some pictures!

    Fogette- I am so sorry I just saw this!! I have not been on the computer for a long while, wish I had more time in the day! I think that set up looks wonderful! Hope your progress is going well!!!
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    New Pool Build - Columbus, Ohio

    Congrats on starting!! It's so weird seeing our old neighborhood! Keep us updated!!
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    new pool - we have finally started! + some pictures!

    I sent you a PM but it is a small world and thank you for the compliment. I miss that back yard right now, lol!! In regards to the pool lights, how will the pool be situated with the house? That makes all the difference. I honestly think 2 lights would the best for a great glow, especially if...