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    Jandy LXI - FAULT- CHECK IGN CONTROL - Appreciate help!

    Just some safety input here regarding the flooding. It is difficult to tell just how high the water level got from the original photo ( some cleanup done?). If the water level reached high enough to cover/partially cover the gas valve, the gas valve MUST be replaced. Same goes for the air...
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    Pentair 250 heater problems

    Am I to understand that you are the heater repair tech rather than the pool owner? You still haven't stated what the problem was with the transformer. The transformer does not really need to be OEM as long as the input and output voltages and VA rating are the same. For electrical...
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    Jandy Lite 2 Electrical Problem with a FL-5 but incoming power is good at 123V and 123V for A and B screws

    If you are getting 0 volts on the black wire out of the pressure switch, then your pressure switch is not closing. Check/clean your filter & pump basket. I don't know your area very well, but when I lived in Scottsdale AZ I had a constant problem with pine needles plugging up the impeller on my...
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    Jandy Lite 2 Electrical Problem with a FL-5 but incoming power is good at 123V and 123V for A and B screws

    Is your supply voltage 115 volts or 230 volts ? Is your power conversion plug set for 115 volts or 230 volts? If your power conversion plug is set to 230volts and your supply voltage is 230 volts, you cannot measure A and B separately to ground. You must measure between A and B and get 230...
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    Any idea what this object is on the bottom?

    Looks like a dead leech :unsure:
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    Pentair 250 heater problems

    To start with it would be useful to know why both the membrane pad and the transformer were replaced. For example, transformer secondary open or transformer visibly burnt and membrane pad blank or non responsive etc. ? Obviously the replacement membrane pad would be OEM ( Original Equipment...
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    Pentair 250 heater problems

    Do you have a multimeter and are you comfortable using it? I might be able to help in tracing backwards from what you are observing.
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    raypak 266 no pilot detected

    I don't know if you have your heater manual? This should be it . If you have a strong blue pilot flame, you should check the flame current. I believe on your older raypak 013464F control board that...
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    raypak 266 no pilot detected

    Have you checked all of the grounding surfaces? You have a new pilot assembly, but is the cabinet/burner surface that the pilot assembly is mounted to clean/bare metal? Is the grounding wire attachment (green wire) to the heater cabinet clean/bare metal? Any dirt/corrosion/rust in the grounding...
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    Ability to restrict opperations on Pentair ipad App Remote for Airbnb / Renters

    It seems that it would be simple enough to break the wire for the output from the "pool" selection switch with an "on/off" rocker or toggle switch to disable "pool heating" when you are renting if you are unable to do it within the programming. You could even hide it in a spot that isn't easily...
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    Jandy LXi NG heater "Fault Check Ign Control" urgent pls

    WOW!!! After more than 40 years I didn't know that "sniffing" without using test instruments was a valid way of troubleshooting a system! Have been getting some BSODs on my PC. Maybe I should "sniff" it. Sounds like they just want to sell you a new heater. No mention of WHY it is doing...
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    Jandy LXi NG heater "Fault Check Ign Control" urgent pls

    Are you the original owner? Has the heater required any repair previously? Has the heater been cleaned and maintained over its life? Many companies (not all) will try to sell you a new heater when the problem can be solved by either a cleaning of some components or replacement of a part. Best...
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    Jandy JXi problem

    Actually an undersized fuse would blow more quickly than a correctly sized or oversized fuse and would protect the transformer. In order to correctly size a fuse for the transformer secondary ( load side ) you divide the transformer VA rating by the transformer secondary voltage ( in pool...
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    Raypak 406A Burner won't fire but do get pilot

    Don't know why your question hasn't been addressed yet? It sound as if your pilot flame is not proving it is there. If you have a strong blue pilot flame, here is some advice given in a similar situation. Not all info may apply, but pay close attention to cleaning the pilot assembly and ALL...
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    Aquacal heat pump LP message

    The only trouble with an HVAC company is that many of them shy away from working on a system that heats a pool. Also not many HVAC techs have experience working on a system with a water cooled condenser. If you do look for an HVAC company to work on your heater, try to get a company that uses...