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    Is it really time to replace water?

    For the earlier test today I used the K-2006. I added some acid right after that test. I just retested with both the TF-100 and K-2006 and they show a pH of 7.5 and 7.6 respectively. The .1 difference is only due to the different scale of the two comparators. The waterfall is usually off and...
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    Is it really time to replace water?

    My fill water CH is only 70. Today: pH 8 (it was 7.4 ~ 40 hours ago) TA 80 FC 10.5 (I know this can throw off pH reading a bit but FC was 10 when I read 7.4) CC 0 (Yay!)
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    Official 2020 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Out with the old smoker, in with the new Monolith!
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    Is it really time to replace water?

    pH this morning is still at 7.2 I'll check TA in a bit. CH was at about 200 right after the pool was built three years ago. The contractor added calcium chloride (Robelle 2825 Calcium Plus, I still have the bucket) to bring CH up to 300, then again on their last checkup visit a month later...
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    Is it really time to replace water?

    That's just with doses of muriatic acid to bring the pH down. I'm hoping that lowering the TA will help to stop my pH from climbing. The pool is 634 sq ft of surface area and the waterfall has been running... I assumed that the aeration was contributing to the pH rise, but this pool has...
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    Is it really time to replace water?

    How high is really too high for CH? Or should I just replace water now before it becomes a bigger job? CH 500 TA 120 (Working on lowering, See PH) PH 7.2 (Was 8.2+ this morning, 7.6 yesterday) CYA 50 Salt 3500 FC 13 (Holding a little high until CC back to zero) CC 0.2 SWG failed last week...
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    Apparently, I'm dumb.

    For the past two years I've been getting down on my hands and old creaky Infantry knees to plunge my arm into the water to get samples for testing. Today, I was replacing the filter cartgage when I realized that I've had a water spigot that pulls water from the bottom of the pool staring at me...
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    Bar, TV, Seating, and Landscape.

    Hawaiian Ti Plants
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    Bar, TV, Seating, and Landscape.

    Before: : After:
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    Polywood chairs on sun shelf?

    1 year later, the polywood table and chairs are holding up great.
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    Polywood chairs on sun shelf?

    I just put a polywood table on my sun shelf today. I used a hole saw to make a cut out for my umbrella to go through the middle of it. We'll see how it holds up.
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    Pool with new clean water

    Welcome to TFP!!! Your fill water is going to come at some pH and already have some alkalinity, calcium, salt, and perhaps other attributes. To start off, a little light reading is in order. Start with what to know before you post and TFPC for Beginners. Please report back here once you've...
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    Question about color of newly applied Stonescapes Aqua White

    Pools blue up when the water goes in.