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    Using 3" tabs on 1 week vacation

    Thanks for the advice on protecting my equipment and liner :) Bringing FC to slam level is what I've done in the past while on VA and always worked. So I'll probably do the same again. I'll probably order a floater for future use.
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    Using 3" tabs on 1 week vacation

    Nice feedback on the floater, however, I don't have time to get one.....Can I just put a few tabs in a thin cloth sock and hang it in front of a return? Similar to what I do to dissolve my CYA.
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    Using 3" tabs on 1 week vacation

    While I have an SWG, it is currently 7 yeas old and I suspect the cell may go south on me at any time. The last one I had lasted about 7 years so I may be on borrowed time. So I test my FC every day now just to be sure it's still working. Since I won't be able to test while on vacation, I was...
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    Possible suction side leak.

    Well....what do you you know. Learn something new everyday. Turned off the SWG and the bubbles pretty much go away. I still see a bubble or 2 coming from the Polaris pressure side line about every 5-20 seconds but that’s it. Nothing I can see coming out of the returns. With the SWG turned on...
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    Possible suction side leak.

    Hmmm.......I didn’t know that. That’s a possibility. I will turn off the SWG and see if the air bubbles are still there.
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    Possible suction side leak.

    I’ve been noticing air bubbles coming out of my returns lately and wondering if I have a suction side leak somewhere. Although the bubbles come out of the returns, I never see any in the pump basket. It looks air tight. I checked each of the 2 skimmers by plugging them one at a time. I also...
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    Raypack heater PRS code

    Any help with this? The code says to clean my filter/strainer but all that looks good and I am getting plenty of pressure through the lines to the returns. I also tested the PRS switch on the heater with an ohm meter and when the pump is off, I get an open and when the pump is on, the ohm meter...
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    Metal Magic availability

    I have metal staining in my vinyl liner which requires a quart of MM once a month. This maintenance dose makes my liner look new within hours and if I keep up the monthly dosage, it never stains. However this year, the ProTeam MM has been hard to find. I am reluctant to switch to another product...
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    Testing tap water for hardness with TF-100

    So, I was told that my town delivers "hard water" to my home. This prompted my wife to tell me I needed to install a water softener system. Before I look into that, I decided to test the water for CH using my TF-100 kit. I used the same procedure I use for my pool testing. My results were about...
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    Polyquat 60 and Slam

    I decided to go half SALM level and PQ60. We will see how it turns out next spring. I appreciate all the feedback
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    Polyquat 60 and Slam

    ok thanks for the input. I'm really just concerned about the next two weeks because that's the window where the water temp will be slightly above 60 degrees. I think my plan will be to add the PQ60 today, then tomorrow bring the FC to about 15 which is about half of slam level for CYA=70. My FC...
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    Polyquat 60 and Slam

    I have to close tomorrow (9/21) which is a little early for me, but we are going on a 10 day vacation on 9/27 and want the pool all wrapped up before I go. I usually bring FC to SLAM levels before closing. I've always had good luck with this, opening clear in the spring. I happen to have a...
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    DE replacement usually leads to DE in pool

    Not sure why this is happening. I only change my DE once...... about mid way through the season. My process is quite simple. 1) drain filter and then plug inlet with rag (my water level is higher than filter inlet) 2) remove cartridge and spray it down inside and out 3) put cartridge back in and...
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    SWG says "insufficient water flow"

    Oh well, it turns out I can't use those connectors. One side is 14 gauge and the other is 18 gauge. I'll have to find another way to splice the wires back. This is a picture of the connectors that are there. You can see the white wire is the one I need to splice back. I probably need to get a 14...