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    Plaster Brushing

    I have a 3 month old pool. Unfortunately, I was unaware I needed to brush my plaster right away and didn't brush for the first 10 days. Since then I've been brushing most days. My plaster appears to have white patches throughout. Is that most likely calcium? I just ordered a steel brush. Should...
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    Another freezing question - Oklahoma

    My pool was being built in OKC during this thread. Glad you all made it through that mess.
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    SoCal *Splash* Pool

    Looks amazing!!!
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    New Pool Build in Oklahoma

    Low voltage lighting installed. Only thing that’s remaining is the gas fire pit hookup. It was long. It was painful at times. It was worth it!
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    VS Pentair Pump & Waterfall

    Thanks all. Very helpful discussion. I have adjusted it to 2600 to find that balance of energy, looks, and noise. Thank you!
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    VS Pentair Pump & Waterfall

    My pool is finally coming to completion. We have 2 VS Pentair pumps (one for the waterfalls). Is it bad to run the pump for most of the day? Also is it ok to run at the highest setting (3400)? Thanks!
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    Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

    Just put in some volt landscape lights. Ordered 11 uppers for my trees from Costco that arrive tomorrow. Is it preferable to run thru my IntelliCenter or leave out of the pool app?
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