VS Pentair Pump & Waterfall


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Sep 12, 2020
Edmond, OK
My pool is finally coming to completion. We have 2 VS Pentair pumps (one for the waterfalls). Is it bad to run the pump for most of the day? Also is it ok to run at the highest setting (3400)? Thanks!


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Jul 7, 2014
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If you have to run an IntelliFlo at full speed, you just have the wrong pump. You most likely need a single speed waterfall pump..

As far as run time, I have three IntelliFlo pumps and they all run 24/7/365.. One has been running this way for over 10 years, one over 8 years and the one at my house over 7 years.. Without any issues... But then again, I run them most of the time at 1200 RPM and you can't hear them.. An IntelliFlo at full speed is a screamer..

If you run your waterfall 24/7 your main problem will not be the pump, but the fact that your pH will increase drastically..


Jim R.
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Mar 2, 2011
Is the waterfall in the picture your waterfall at full speed?

What is the suction and return pipe size for the waterfall pump?

How many gpm is specified for the waterfall?
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Rancho Cost-a-Lotta

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Apr 10, 2018
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I have a large gunite waterfall/slide combo with 2" plumbing. I think you'll find running at full speed will be overkill. You'll have lots of pump noise and lots of water noise. I found I can run mine at about 2,500 rpm and still have a decent amount of flow. Costs rise exponentially with increased RPM. At 2,500 rpm my pump is using about 875 watts; at 3,250 rpm, usage increases to over 2,300 watts. Experiment with speeds and find a good balance between noise, energy consumption, water flow.
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