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    Filter question

    Problem found.
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    Filter question

    Problem found
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    Filter question

    Okey ill have to open the filter then tomorrow to see if the cartridge is damaged. I didnt know about the sock, i justed followed the instruction on the bucked :(
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    Filter question

    Today i was adding some stabilizer thru the skimmer. Later I found the stabilizer around the jets. The pieces found there way thru the filter is this normal? I have a pentair cc200 cartridge filter.
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    Ecofinish over Diamond Bright

    Thank you, what do you guys think of the approach?
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    Ecofinish over Diamond Bright

    Hi Guys, I am exploring ways of renovation my pool because i have some broken glass tiles on my stairs that are dangerous. We have a local company here specialized in Ecofinish products. They made the following plan: -Remove the glass tiles. -Plaster where glass tiles where. -acid wash pool...
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    Solar power Pentair 1,5 HP VS pump

    I live in a sunny climate and i can hook up more panels if needed. Best case scenario this "system" is smart and adjusts RPM if more solar power is available.
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    Solar power Pentair 1,5 HP VS pump

    Is there a way to power a Pentair VS pump directly from solar panels? Without a battery buffer?
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    Broken glass tiles stairs

    Unfortunately i have a few broken glass tiles on my stairs, found out because my daughter cut her foot ;( I have no idea how it happend. I know the right solution is to drain the pool and replace the tiles or do a complete renovation but i dont have the budget at this moment. Looking for some...
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    Defective IntelliBrite 5G 12v Board

    One of my friends called me last week to check his pool light. I opened the housing in found the issue right away. one of the chips on the board was black and burned. I ordered a new board for him but was curious if one of you had a similar experience? and if any of you succeed in repairing it?
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    WhatsApp Image 2020-02-13 at 09.17.28.jpeg

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    Adding a Jacuzzi to my existing pool

    Hi all, In my previous house i owned a Jacuzzi, when we moved we bought a house with a pool. My wife and i really miss the jacuzzi. So i came up with the idea to add a Jacuzzi to the pool. I would like to use the same water so i only have to balance/maintain the pool water. Iam a diy kind a...
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    Adding a Airpump to a return line.

    Guys, I have a small bench in my pool with 6 jets, the jets are not very powerful and I remember from the time I had a jacuzzi that adding air to the jets gives a more intense experience. Would it be possible to plum an air pump to the return line that runs to the jets? How do I prevent...