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    22000 gal pool, using 2 gallons of 10% bleach a week to maintain...

    I wonder if the 503(c) issues donation letters for donations greater than $250 per IRS regulations.
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    22000 gal pool, using 2 gallons of 10% bleach a week to maintain...

    They may be an independent company from TFP but I can pretty much guarantee they are owned and operated by the same individual(s). In fact doing a business lookup using the phone number provided on the tftestkits site produces this. It's good to be transparent.
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    North Texas Pool Temps in July/Aug

    We've been in the 90s. Wife thinks the low 80s are too cold. :rolleyes:
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    Texas Deep Freeze Aftermath - Advice Requested,7368.html But it also requires a dual cartridge gun. You're probably looking at close to $100 when all is said and done.
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    Texas Deep Freeze Aftermath - Advice Requested

    In the same boat, sort of, with the OP. Forgot to drain the pump body and the water froze in it and cracked the pump body ever so slightly. Was peeing water when pump was on at the pressure side of the union. Can't find a replacement pump body anywhere on line and lead time is somewhere in June...
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    How to deal with a frozen pool

    She who must be obeyed, aka my wife, and I moved from CT 3 years ago to get away from the snow (and the taxes). After living in CT for 30+ years, yeah the white stuff can get on your nerves. This past week has been a challenge, to say the least. We lost power in the wee hours of Monday morning...
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    Newbie with high calcium?

    Our CH has been close to 1000 and no issues. You just need to ensure your CSI is as close to zero, or below, as possible.
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    2 years later, I am finished!

    I'm calling dibs on one of the bar stools. For a DIY you should get a DIY superman badge or something. Looks stunning.
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    What? The water is supposed to go IN the pool?!?

    Guy emptied his pool because he heard @Arizonarob was swinging by with his banana hammock in tow?
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    Deck O Drain Cleaning and Lessons Learned - Use a Shop Vac, too

    Cleaned ours out last year. Covers to the channels do pop up (just be careful and take your time) and then you can get into the channel they sit in. used a screw driver to loosen up the gunk in the bottom of the channel and a shop vac with attachment to suck the gunk out.
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    Plaster and chemistry

    That looks like plaster crazing. @onBalance ?