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    Umbrella holder or water feature only?

    My pool has this thing on the landing between the first and third step. I always thought it was exclusively a water feature but is it also an umbrella holder?
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    Pentair Warrior SI Power Supply // Marina Pool Unreachable

    I emailed them several weeks ago asking about prices for robots and they never responded. I bought one from Amazon I'm happy with.
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    Help rebalancing my pool

    No unfortunately not.
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    Help rebalancing my pool

    I can but when i shut off the overflow from the spa to the pool it shoots the tank pressure up too high. I have the valves set to the least amount of water overflow possible, not sure what else i can do. Seems like a bad design unfortunately.
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    Help rebalancing my pool

    CH is 800. I have a pretty hard time maintaining an in range pH seems like it jumps every couple of days. I have a lot of aeration unfortunately based on the set up of my pool with a spa attached and a water feature i can't really turn off. I should i guess be adding MA 2x a week to try and...
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    Help rebalancing my pool

    I tested it using my kit but it wasn't reading any hardness, which is obviously wrong. not sure why. I'll try again. I am getting scaling i had my tile blasted last year and I see scaling.
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    Help rebalancing my pool

    I badly neglected my pool over the winter/spring and now we're here (I've been adding MA and chlorine but not testing ugh), my numbers are bad. What do i do first? Add CYA or MA? then slam? Pool math says to add 5lbs of dry stabilizer to get my CYA to 50. FC - 0 CYA - 0 ph - over 8 TA - 120...
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    Water Temperature Recommendations for Robot Cleaner

    How do you get out of the pool without using the cable?
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    Dedicated suction side port question

    Ok i'll increase the water and see if that helps. Thanks!
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    Dedicated suction side port question

    I don't think i can make any changes to my pump speed i don't see that option at least. I don't have any children the only people using the pool are me and rarely my husband.
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    Dedicated suction side port question

    My suction side vacuum just died so I'm upgrading to a robot. However, my plumbing only has a two way valve, suction side port for vacuum or skimmer, if i switch to skimmer only the pump starts to pull in air bubbles. I see a vortex in the skimmer when i do this and the water level is fine. I...
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    pH issue

    Ok great. I wasn't sure what was 'normal' since this is my first summer using the TFP method. I will just keep an eye on my pH and keep adjusting.