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    Integrity of the pool stores

    I use the K2006c test kit and the bioguard test (It's called "ALEX") is pretty close, but they usually underestimate calcium. The big problem is they want you to overdose on chems.
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    Random Algae

    Okay, thank you. Is maintaining 3ppm (in the future) pushing it, or is that fine as a minimum?
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    Random Algae

    Hello, Starting a couple days ago, green algae has started appearing in the deep end (shaded). They brush off easy but come back in different spots. It is only a few square inches at a time. Any ideas what may be the cause? Pump runs 8 hrs a day, and I use 8 oz daily of 73% cal hypo as the...
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    What's your current pool temp?

    64°F. Might jump in just for NYE/NYD.
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    Pool water replacement as a scheduled maintenance item?

    I live on the gulf coast and every year since 2015 has had at least 58 inches of rainfall. When I switched from tabs to primairly bleach, CYA dropped from 100 to 40 in about 1 1/2 months. I would have to guess that 90% of my pool water originated as rainfall. I have to add quite a bit of deicer...
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    Polaris 380 Sluggishness

    The wheels actually spin much faster than that, but I will have to check the treads. I appreciate your help.
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    Polaris 380 Sluggishness

    So I am the only pool owner who has experienced this problem? None of the gears are stripped and belts are fine.
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    Pump Replacement

    Gosh, in Michigan it was $0.09/KwH. The weather and car insurance aren't great there but everything else is.
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    Pump Replacement

    I was running it for 8 hrs a day in the summer. I have reduced it to 5 as of now. Electricity is super expensive here ($0.12/kWh) because of Entergy (they are an investor-owned utility).
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    Polaris 380 Sluggishness

    Hello, This is more of a general question and any additional help would be much appreciated. I have a polaris 380 that I run for ~2-3 hours a day. Lately, the tail has not been sweeping, hampering the cleaner's performance. It also does circles for what seems like most of the run time. Could...
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    Pump Replacement

    Hello, I have a 2 hp ao smith centurion pump and would like to replace with vs as it currently uses about $100 worth of electricity every month. How do I go about doing this? I don't want the warranty cut short by purchasing it online, but would rather not have a pool store do it, seems...
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    Tannic acid stains from waterlogged leaves on the bottom of the pool

    I have the same problem, they go away in about a week with proper free chlorine levels. They will go away instantly if you use cal-hypo shock, in my experience.
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    Staining From Low CH?

    Two cents are not, I still appreciate feedback. What helped sell me on a test kit due to store inaccuracy is watching an employee at a local pool store sell someone a bottle of liquid stabilizer. Blazer58-did you need to add chlorine more frequently back when you ran the YMCA pools? I did not...
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    Conjunctive Use of Trichlor and Bleach

    I agree, a pool is not cheap. I just try to do my best to minimize operating costs. I did not have an idea that trichlor and bleach would fix my problems, I just wanted to ask. I have very soft fill water and find my calcium tends to stay low, are there tablet out there that are made with...