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    Ladder or no ladder in deep end?

    I actually just learned about those split ladders from you earlier this evening! I think you mentioned in a reply from a few years ago. Anyways, one part of the actual wall would be steps and the ladder handles would be totally above water. See the pic attached. That darker blue part on the...
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    Ladder or no ladder in deep end?

    Thanks! I checked out some of your pictures; you have a beautiful set up! What is the distance of the safety ledge in your pool's deep end to the top of your concrete decking? At this point, I'm just curious to see what is a reasonable height for kids to just climb out over the side without a...
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    Railing or no railing?

    Could this ladder be installed to an existing pool?
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    Ladder or no ladder in deep end?

    Thanks for the reply! We have three kids (twins turning 8 next month and 6 year old) and we originally thinking we could just do without it. PLUS, the ladder that is used for the auto-cover has handles that don't go down into the just looks like it would be harder to use anyways...
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    Ladder or no ladder in deep end?

    Hi - Our pool is under construction and we have a choice to make in regards to our ladder in the deep end. Here are our planned pool dimensions: 20 feet by 40 feet vinyl liner pool 3'4'' shallow end with a gradual decline to a 6' deep end 8'' safety ledge around the entire pool so the deep end...
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    New pool in Wexford, PA!

    40x20 vinyl liner pool! 3'6'' shallow end to 6' deep end. No diving board. Three stairs all the way across the shallow end entry. 6'' safety ledge all the way around for our 3 daughters. Liner will be GLI's Caribbean Gray with color matching skimmer, etc. Will have stamped concrete all...