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    Mold in the liner after being in storage

    I agree, and treated the stains on the walls of the liner before setting it up. I didn't word my post properly, I meant to ask what product would be best for mold -- in the end I've gone for undiluted vinegar and a stiff brush. This morning I'll hose down and mop everything off. It's going to...
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    Mold in the liner after being in storage

    Hi friends! My husband packed up our pool as we were leaving for 6 weeks, and now I've started setting it back up. Unfortunately I think there was some moisture left as it was being folded, because some mold and staining has appeared. He reckons that shocking the pool will deal with it, but I...
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    Calling all pool mishap detectives!

    Hi everyone, I awoke this morning to find our pool (14x8, 1900 gallons) had lost a considerable amount of water. We didn't get to use it yesterday so who knows when the loss started. The water level was down nearly under the return/outlets level on the pool. I rushed to it, turned off the...
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    Help please! 😱 update: resolved

    Ah I'm an eejit. It's normal and it should resolve. I'm leaving the post up in case anyone else comes across this situation.
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    Help please! 😱 update: resolved

    Hi, We are filling up our AGP and it looks like it's caving in. It's our first time and we are panicking. I used thick pavers but I didn't bury them all the way. Is this normal? Should I drain all the water?
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    Setting up for the first time and I'm losing confidence fast :,(

    I'm trying to set up my new 14x8 bestway pool and I'm feeling a little hopeless. I spent time leveling the yard as much as possible and thought it looked decent. I set down the gorilla pad, then got to work on setting the structure up. I've put pavers under each leg, which are a little thick...