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May 23, 2022
Brooklyn, NY
We are filling up our AGP and it looks like it's caving in. It's our first time and we are panicking. I used thick pavers but I didn't bury them all the way. Is this normal?
Should I drain all the water?


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Jun 1, 2018
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Welcome @Ooona 👋
The paver tops should be level with the hard, undisturbed, level base that the pool bottom sits on. If u don’t do this the pressure will not be evenly distributed once the pool is full which will stress various parts of the pool possibly bending supports or stressing the seams of the liner. So definitely drain & fix that ASAP before going further.
Just a note* Those rectangular/oval temporary pools do tend to look a little bowed in on the sides when filling even when everything is perfect so after u dig those pavers down, everything is level, & u refill do not fret if it seems like that - the water will push the sides back out as it fills.
In synopsis- the pavers aren’t why it’s bowing but they are a problem.
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