Calling all pool mishap detectives!


May 23, 2022
Brooklyn, NY
Hi everyone,

I awoke this morning to find our pool (14x8, 1900 gallons) had lost a considerable amount of water. We didn't get to use it yesterday so who knows when the loss started. The water level was down nearly under the return/outlets level on the pool. I rushed to it, turned off the pump and popped the black plugs to stop any further yard flooding.

From what I can see, the pump has a crack where one of the screws goes.
And one of the two solar heating mats I'd installed has a hole, which is where I'm assuming the leak happened. The hole is small, the water streaming out was around 1/3 to 1/2 inch, but who knows how much water can drain in 24 hrs, the pump runs on a 12 hour cycle.
I recently bought two intex solar heating mats, installed the first one a couple weeks ago and it worked fine. This is the one with the hole. I went ahead and hooked the second one to it a couple days ago but I found it didn't work as well: it felt less taut and full of water than the first one, and like a few air bubbles still trapped inside it. With water flowing with slightly less force inside it. However the water going from the second mat into the pool felt like it had good pressure so I left it at that.
What I think happened: improper bleeding / partial blockage of the second solar mat made the water pressure on the first mat increase, and a possible small hole became larger. The pressure in turn made the pump crack (?!), or maybe less water going into the pump (once the pool level has gone below the outlet) made it crack. Or maybe the pump crack is what happened first, which then created a pressure build up that made the solar mat lining weak and rip.
Would you replace the pump? It's a 12" Intex Krystal Clear sand filter.
I'll throw away the mat as even though the hole isn't big, it looks tricky to repair.
Any insights SUPER welcome.


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I don't think you will be able to save the pump. How old was it? It looks fairly new. While it looks like a classic case of that screw being tightened down too much cracking the plastic, I'm also wondering if you had it last year and perhaps the winter weather created a weak spot there as well?


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Aug 14, 2013
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does the pump still run? that just looks like housing to base connection, can probably fix it with JB weld or something similar. doubt if those heating mats do much (other than damage your whole system!) those little pumps aren't going to push enough water to do much and the mats are too small anyway. the bubble cover is probably doing more to get water warm than anything.

while they are small, those pumps are surprisingly tough. I have run mine dry for hours, several times and it may make a little more noise now but it is still out there running at almost 7 years now.


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May 6, 2018
The crack in the pump plastic cover doesn't really mean anything.

The hole is that mat I'd guess is just from a bad product imo. I wouldn't want those anywhere near my pool.
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