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    Solar Panel Repairs - "stents" INSTEAD of plugs or glue?

    No joy. They didn't work. We are leaking. We even reverted to the old "screws" plugs, but one of those is also leaking. It's not rivers but enough to annoy me. We are swimming regardless.
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    Solar Panel Repairs - "stents" INSTEAD of plugs or glue?

    yay. Connectors ordered
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    33' round or 18'x34' oval?

    We had to decide on the larger round vs the 18x33 oval when we built ours and I'm glad I went with the oval. You WILL be replacing things, sometimes more often than you planned to, and that bigger sized round just starts costing more and is much harder to find good deals on. My relatives went...
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    Can somone recommend a good ABG cover that lasts.

    I spent the last 2 winters with just my leaf net on. No issues - some small debris fell through but the robot picked that up in the spring at opening. We usually have brutal winters, 30 mins from Canadian border on MN/ND border up here. We have maple trees, oaks and pine trees all surrounding...
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    Need help finding skimmer weir gates

    Try Amazon. You would be amazed at what you can find on there. Be very specific about what you are searching - if you have a brand name on the old one, better yet.
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    Solar Panel Repairs - "stents" INSTEAD of plugs or glue?

    I'm hoping the 1/4" fittings work - ordering from Amazon today! I'll let you know. If not, back to plugging and gluing. Ugh.
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    Solar Panel Repairs - "stents" INSTEAD of plugs or glue?

    Well again we are repairing solar panels - it seems every year there is a new pinhole, crimp, slice, pinch or whatever. We have glued with some minor success, but once we roll them up for the winter and remove to install in the spring, the last year's glue job is now coming off and we start...
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    AGP Cleaner

    We had a PRJ also for many years. It finally died so we got one from Dohenys. Works pretty well. A bit faster than the PRJ and lighter weight
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    Help Needed---SWG No Power

    This is a pretty easy fix. I've done it a couple of times. I did notice that both times mine burned out it was very hot outside and the panel box had seemed to "overheat" so - not sure if that had any direct relation or not. Lucky for me - Digikey is just 30 minutes away from me! I keep a few...
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    Pool Rover Jr Demise Dates and what did you replace with?

    We have had our PRJ for probably 5-6 years and it finally bit the dust - the seal went, oil began to leak and it took water into the pump/motor. It was GREAT while it lasted. Hubby tried to take it apart, clean/dry the unit but it really just had given up I think. How long did your Pool Rover...
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    Like a bad penny, I'm back again...

    Yep, the waaay north has thawed early this year and I'm out of hibernation. Gearing up the pool and ready to top it off pretty soon. Hey all the oldies but goodies pool friends and any new ones that have joined.:D
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    Hayward/Aquarite salt system - lights go out

    Don't know about Canadian, but if you can order from America, go to - they are DIRT cheap and I order the limiters en mass as my older AquaRite continually blew those when we had some high temps one year.
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    SWG for above ground vs. inground

    We run our AG pool with an Aquarite with the T-15 cell. All hardwired - Everything is on the timer and as Jason said, the percentage setting tells the SWG how much/often to run.
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    Half deck 18 x 33 - how to cover

    Use cable and only tighten on the non deck sides? You sure could put a winch in each side off deck and anchor on the deck, right? Also wondering hiw tge heck you plan any liner-rail maintenance if you built tge deck so its impossible to get at the rails and sides. Most leave a gap which...
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    Solar Blanket: Which one works best.

    I really just want to find one that will LAST without disintigrating, because, let's face it - no money savings in heat retention if you are buying a new one every danged year or two. I HATE digging little round plastic shreds out of my skimmer on an increasingly regular basis. 1.5-2 years...