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    CYA test results

    I have CYA view tube test kit. I consistently get around value of 65 (I have an SWG). The R-0013 reagent is fresh. I brought the water to Leslies and the value was 100 on the slide test they use. I looked at the sample myself and was in agreement with their reading. Why is there...
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    Taylor CYA Test View Tube

    I have the test view tube kit I purchased from tftestkits. I tried the slider test at Leslies and found it easier to read. You can find the Rainbow reagent for about half the price of the Taylor R-0013, for the same volume. The cost of each test is therefore about the same. You can slide it up...
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    Stain help

    I have dropped some granular chlorine on the stain but nothing happened.
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    Stain help

    I have a plaster pool and SWG. There is a tan stain on the plaster which is worst around the main drain in the deep end. I dropped some ascorbic acid tablets on the stain and it turned black. I brought the water to Leslies and it tested negative for iron and copper. I don't want to purchase any...
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    Leslie's Pool Supply. Price gouging if you ask me.

    The individual pool store near me has even higher markups than Leslie's
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    Water test results

    I have been running my SWG about 6 weeks. These are my latest water test results using a Taylor Deluxe test kit. pH 7.6ish (Taylor small comparator) TA 100 CH 280 FC 5ppm (SWG at 80%, 10h/d) CYA 65 (drop test) salt 3500 (test strip) The pH will actually settle down to 7.5 if I wait a few...
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    SWG compatible with DE filter?

    Should I be concerned about this?
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    SWG compatible with DE filter?

    Great! After installing my SWG and finally getting the water balanced (salt, cya, ph, etc.), I am reading about these pitfalls. My DE filter has a SS case. I certainly don't want that getting corroded! In addition, I have read about some environmental issues to the point that some jurisdictions...
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    SWG Cell Life

    At what chlorine output level percentage?
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    New SWG installed - first test results

    I just installed a Circupool RJ45 last week. I am running it at 70% about 10 hrs/day. These are my first water test results. FC 4 CC 0 pH 7.6 TA 100 Ch 260 CYA 75 Salt 3000. The CYA was originally around 20 a few weeks ago. I calculated how much to raise to 50 and added about 1/2 before...
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    SWG installation help

    I have a Circupool RJ45 ready to install. So far I have mounted it on the wall. I don't have alot of room betwwen the wall and the plumbing and so I am somewhat limited by the legnth of the cord. I have a Pentair Mini Max NT heater and I spoke to technical support. They said I should put a check...
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    MPS questions

    I have been reading this forum for some time now and I am always skeptical when they give me advice at the pool stores. However, this morning, the pool water is clear, one day after "shocking" with the MPS. I will check the chlorine level when I get home later today.
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    MPS questions

    This year when I opened my pool it was dark green. This was the worst in all the years I have had the pool. I began adding lots of liquid bleach as well as calcium hypochlorite in an attempt to get a free chlorine level. Finally, after several days, I seemed to be getting somewhere. However, I...
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    Compupool vs. Circupool output ratings

    Since Compupool and Circupool use the same cells, shouldn't the output be three same for the same size cell. For instance, Circupool RJ45 and Compupool CPSC 36 use same cell, why are they not rated same output?
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    SWG chlorine output rating

    SWG chlorine output ratings are published as pounds per day. I think it would be useful to know the approximate total lifetime output to compare units. Is this data available anywhere?