New SWG installed - first test results


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May 25, 2010
Fairfax Station, VA
I just installed a Circupool RJ45 last week. I am running it at 70% about 10 hrs/day. These are my first water test results.

FC 4
CC 0
pH 7.6
TA 100
Ch 260
CYA 75
Salt 3000.

The CYA was originally around 20 a few weeks ago. I calculated how much to raise to 50 and added about 1/2 before testing today. Don't know how it got to 75. I don't have a CYA test kit and had it tested at the pool store (Leslie's). Circupool recommends 30-60, water balance recommendation here at Pool School is 70-80 which is then perfect.

I am at the minimum level for the salt. The pool store used a digital meter. Is that accurate? I will probably add a couple of bags (80#) of salt.

Any other recommendations?


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May 7, 2007
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Your numbers look fairly good. If you are lucky they are correct. The best thing you could possibly do is get your own top quality test kit. Given your explanation, one of those CYA results has to be wrong, but is it the original 20 or the current 75? There is no way to know.

We recommend CYA be between 70 and 80 for use with a SWG. Your SWG will last quite a bit longer if you follow our guidelines.

Your TA is a little high for use with a SWG. This is not a big deal. Just lower PH to 7.2 any tome it gets up to 7.8 until TA is down to something more like 60 or 70.