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    Black spots on concrete pool

    Just a quick update. I went to the pool the day before yesterday. The owner said that he had taken a sample of water to the pool store where they tested for chlorine and ph. Results were 2.0FC and Ph 7.8 The pool store told him to put 6 cups of Muriatic acid in the deep end in front or a...
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    Black spots on concrete pool

    Yes, That was last weeks results. I added 1 gal of chlorine and left one gal at the customer's house for him to put in 3 days later
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    Black spots on concrete pool

    Fc.5 Tc.5 Ph 7.6 Alk110 Cya 40 Ch 250 Salt 1250 Temp 78 Borates 50 I have used calhypo in this 10000 gal infinity edge pool the last few weeks because he believes there is a green tint in the wall and it could probably do with the calcium. I just washed yhe pa120 filter. I also leave one...
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    Black spots on concrete pool

    It would be nice if all the pools I serviced had SWG systems! I think about 30% have them. Some have failed over the years and the owners are reluctant to replace the cells or units. Many pools we have to leave chlorine at the pool so that the customer can do an extra top up dose during the...
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    So this just happened....

    Hi Matt, I did skip through the last lot of pages but I got the jist that the s300i is toast?! I have sold a few ECHO M1 cleaners (no programmed run time) to my clients but because they are in short supply, I put an order in for a couple of S200 cleaners. I didn't know there was an S300...
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    Black spots on concrete pool

    I've seen these spots many times. Very common on warmer pools, dirty filters, poor circulation, short pump run times...the reasons go on and on. It is what it is. Black spots with a squishy surface that will burst and turn green when you rub them with your finger. Unfortunately my fingers...
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    Who has opened their own pool cleaning business?

    HI guys. A little late to the show but that's because I'm absolutely flat out servicing new clients here in Cape Coral. (SW Florida). I named by business North Cape Pool Cleaning LLC with the intention of just servicing the North Cape. Smart move, because, since becoming a Leslie's PRO...
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    2 speed pump only working on slow speed

    I don't know what kind of off brand pump it is but I have always been able to switch from high off low using a rocker switch on the wall. I was showing the new home owner how to operate the spa and water features when the high speed setting gave a buzz at the pump and that was it. It still...
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    Jandy EPump control

    can you use a iqpump01 on the new pump and have it set up as a completely different system in your iaqualink app?
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    iChlor 30 to be controlled by intelliconnect.

    Got it! I won't know for sure until I go back out there tomorrow and see if it's lighting up. (I should get some salt in, I read at 3050 (spintouch) although my previous read on Thursday was 2700. The trick was to go into the intellicenter and add the salt cell from in there. I can now raise...
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    iChlor 30 to be controlled by intelliconnect.

    Thanks Allen, A lot to take on board there. There are only two wires (yellow and green) going to the ichlor controller. Customer says at one stage, the cell was lighting up. That's all he knows. I think that intelliflo VSP is wired off one of the relay buttons and not directly off the...
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