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    Skimmer door question

    If you fit the weir door, you will know right away by lifting it up if it is going to get stuck. Sometimes they catch at the top sides if the skimmer is buckled or out of shape. I make sure there are skimmers on every pool I service, even if I have to pay for it myself. It makes a huge...
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    Mystery big bubbles

    Hi, Ocassionally on my friends pool large air bubbles come from one of the returns. It's a newer 10k pool with 100 sq ft single catridge filter and a Hayward VS pump. The weir door is not sticking on the skimmer and the pump doesn't appear to be losing prime. It happens rarely and only for...
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    Extreme Phosphate Milk Filled Pool

    You can absolutely work with those numbers. How are you testing or are those numbers from the pool store? You local leslie's pool store (if there's one nearby) will test your water for free. Most are using the waterlink spintouch (they should all be using it by the end of next month) but some...
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    Extreme Phosphate Milk Filled Pool

    Ideally, you would want to be able to vac the milk out to waste. One thing you could try would be to take off your filter lid, remove the filter and then vacuum the bottom of the pool. The water will overflow out of the filter. Obviously you won't get it all because a lot of it will get...
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    Extreme Phosphate Milk Filled Pool

    Hi, Once you mentioned Floc and Clarifier and the fact that you have a cartridge filter, I know what has happened. I see this all the time on my pool route when people use Floc to drop stuff to the floor of the pool. You can't use that stuff if you have a cartridge filter. It clogs it...
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    Is there a tutorial on how to replace returns?

    This is a customer's in ground spa. They were wondering why there was so much bubbles coming from one jet causing the water to spill out onto the deck. My first inclination was that maybe the jets were in series and that one was first. However, upon closer inspection, I see that one of the...
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    photo without snip

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    Does anyone use the Spin Touch with the Water Link Solution mobile app

    I will probably download the waterlink mobile app tomorrow and try it out. Today I just used the screen on the device. My actual method was to arrive at a pool, take the sample, dry my hands and fill the disc. I let the machine perform the test while I connected my Bottom Feeder vacuum to...
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    Issue when testing chlorine with FAS-DPD kit.

    It looks like you are going to need a third reference. Do you know what method the store are using for testing? I would be more inclined to belive your own readings. The endpoint is pretty much final when using the powder.
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    Does anyone use the Spin Touch with the Water Link Solution mobile app

    4329-H are the only disks I could get today. It's a box of 50 use once disks that do 11 tests each including phosphates. There is another disk option that allows you to test for FC pH and alk 3 times but from what I understand, they have to be kept perfectly level once they're used the first...
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    Does anyone use the Spin Touch with the Water Link Solution mobile app

    The machine cost $840 and 50 single use disks that measure phosphates cost $111. I have the ones that measure borates on back order. I got the kit from scp. I expect leslie's to start stocking the disks for me. At just over $2 a test I don't expect to test every pool every week. I will...
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    Does anyone use the Spin Touch with the Water Link Solution mobile app

    I am picking up a spin touch today. I'm looking forward to comparing the results with my k2006C kit. I have not yet decided what software I will use with the spin touch.
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    Can't heat spa

    The home owner said that she was able to figure it out from the manual I sent her. They just moved into the house so they are figuring everything out. The big problem is now is when the system is in spa mode, the water is draining down halfway in the spa within a couple of hours. I'm...
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    Can't heat spa

    Good morning, Does anyone recognize this heatpump. I want to download the manual for it. The heatpump won't heat above 95. I can press the up button as far as 104 but then it goes back to 95. Right now it shows spa temp of 85 with two dots at the bottom of the display. I'm thinking...
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    Should I use Chlorine?

    Thanks for all the replies. I will look into getting the SWG in the spas that I take care of. The only thing to do now is figure out how to properly drain the hotspot spa. I don't think the sub pump is a great idea because it takes so long.