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    Actualator Question - Jandy

    Im talking about the play in the Jandy handle on top of the actualator that controls the diverter valve. The handle on top moves. I have a raised spa descending and I'm trying to rule out things. Its not the check valve. I replaced the guts too be sure.
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    Actualator Question - Jandy

    I have an actuator, that has play in the handles. The handle can be moved a notch over when its in either direction. Anyone know the cause. Im not sure if this is normal or broke? It doesn't go all the way either direction it can be moved a little more. Is this normal?
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    2 Issues Blower and Pump

    HI, Background. My pool was stopped and drained for a remodel 3 months. 1) I have a blower that is connected to a pipe and returns to jets at the bottom of spa. My blower use to run 30 minutes then stop, now it runs 5 minutes and stops. The blower will not restart iaqualink reports it as...
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    Vanishing Edge expectations

    All Curious those of you who built a vanishing edge pool what your expectation were or are. On my edge I can see water receding back in troth for one hour exposing 1/8-1/4 inch of tiles eventually. Is this common, I think expectation wise the water should hold and be leveled perfect. I...
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    Best level for Infiniti edge

    Curious instead of using a rope level to level an infinity edge is a laser level better? How do pros do this; were having issues I never saw a laser level used. Somewhat worried there not at the right height of where there setting level. Any tricks how to check to make sure the Infiniti edge...
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    Before you fill your empty pool...

    you can get counters too for sub 20 to hook up to hose. Do spa first then reset and pool
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    Slowing Neg Edge?

    I have a negative edge with a Jandy 2.5 horse power pump. My flow rate is too high. Im looking to slow it down on the return side. Is a diverter valve 2 way or a ball valve a better choice? Any thoughts on this. Again the negative edge is plumbed separate and sucks from troth to Jandy 2.5...
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    New owner with a bunch of questions (updated)

    I trust a pool test store when its someone I know. I bought the test kit from here to support the site. I will say they give you a little crib sheet and its so easy I save 1 hour doing my own. I love it!
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    Acid Bath no drain | Acid Wash? Plaster out of water for remodel dull

    Hi Folks- Plaster: Deep Blue Dea Prism Matrix Wet Edge Im getting done with a remodel. We kept the plaster. However the pool was significantly drained although water kept in bottom. They did a light acid wash, 1st thing I notice a lot of walls had white on them. Then when I filled the...
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    This one is for me....

    I would love to IPA trade with you. I live next to Ingenous I drink a lot of Lone Pint too.
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    I like Mavic Pro for 800, I would say landing on a boat is difficult. Ive had to catch midair. If it looks bad you can cancel landing and steer manual not that hard. I get nervous mapping at 30 feet
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    Pool startup after Tile remodel Plaster Stayed

    I have had a pool out of water all summer on a remodel from a leak etc. Im finishing now and looking to startup. The plaster took a beating. Im looking at following Jack Magic Blue startup here: with Magnetta. Again...
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    How many umbrellas do you use ?

    Yes it will help a lot I would use this 303 (30306) Aerospace Protectant, UV Protectant for Boats and Patio Furniture, 32 fl. Oz(package may vary): Automotive That is what I use and you will see beading. The sun is a lot hotter here, I would say necessary. I used to live in NY try...
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    How many umbrellas do you use ?

    I have two umbrellas both Tucci. I take them off deck in off season. During season I spray with a protectant