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    Full backyard renovation in Charlotte, NC

    Me personally I would hire a Landscape architect to add benches, planters and interest that can be integrated into the brick wall. Or diy that. You have a great spot for some huge pots with benches in the back. I would also do out door lighting to accentuate that when done.
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    New build at modern-style home

    I am in NC. We fenced in the whole yard and got the stick on alarm for our sliding doors and then I removed and returned it post inspection as we are kid free. The inspectors spent all of 3 minutes inspecting the gates (basic metal springs worked).
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    Zero Energy, Zero chemicals - New Pool (Owner/Builder)

    I will address solar costs as well. Our house was designed with solar in mind so before the pool was installed my electricity was the minimum fee charged to be connected to the grid of $15. So total cost each year was $180. Panels were 20k with 1/3rd back in a federal credit and 1/3 back from...
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    New Pool Build NC

    I was thinking stairs along the whole sun shelf. Just shows how many options you have. The. Your youngest can jump up and down and adults can sit deeper along the shelf. Hopefully these ideas help. Also now I want a watermelon ball.
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    Looking for recommendations in Raleigh, NC

    Hopefully this doesn't void any terms of service for linking to someone I recommend. I would reach out to the Enterra Design he does design and GC work for lots of pools and works with different builders and subs all over NC and SC. Even if you don't use him he might know a sub to use. I met...
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    New Pool Build NC

    It is likely to be pretty negligible think 16-24 inches but this is all a personal call. Plus a large part of your shallow area is near the spa thanks to the shape. My advice would be to ask the pool builder to show that option and make a gut decision based on your family if you are considering...
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    New Pool Build NC

    40.5 is pretty long for a home pool. You could do 3.5 feet then go to 7 feet without a sharp slope. For the littlest I suggest getting a design where they extend the stairs so there is a larger area for the little ones instead of just the tiny steps on the left of the shelf. The larger steps...
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    Full backyard renovation in Charlotte, NC

    Agreed pre acid wash you can't say anything post acid wash you can. As for fixing things to have no variance most pebble mixes have some variance built it. Not sure about your color but my Tahoe Blue has tons of slight variance due to the pebble mix and that is on purpose. I would expect some...
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    Zero Energy, Zero chemicals - New Pool (Owner/Builder)

    Very nice. For the solar I recommend Solaredge inverters if you really want 30+ panels as that is over 10kwh and it scales more cost effectively. Below 10kwh I would suggest Enphase inverters. If you go Solaredge for the inverter I suggest getting the one with the built in EV charger as a...
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    Proper CH numbers for a 4 month old pool and other water chemistry questions before I take action.

    So my perameters have all been great but I am still seeing large ch fluctuations. I added CH up last Monday to get back up from 230 (we had a ton of rain and I drained the pool heavily) and got 310 after. Testing showed 270 today. I am thinking I tested too soon after adding ch up as I haven't...
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    Full backyard renovation in Charlotte, NC

    I have the Jandy pro 400k, it's a good smaller heater not too loud but I haven't had it that long. Raypak seems to be rated a bit higher if you have the space and is supposedly quieter but I didn't have the room for one.
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    New Build in Houston - Oak Forest

    My build thread is stonescapes mini pebble Tahoe with glass if you want an example. I sometimes think it's a bit darker than I want it to be at night.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    52 here
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    How To Choose Best Grout Color For Pool Tile?

    I would use epoxy grout not sanded for glass tile. As for look that's a big personal choice I would do a light grey or a light blue grey. Laticrete has a ton of good epoxy grout options and you can even get ones with reflective properties. Don't settle for the hd sanded and non sanded grouts...
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    How much would you pay to remove sod and level the ground for a large above ground pool?

    I would think a small bobcat could do this in one day if you wanted to rent one from Home Depot. The Bob cat removes having to carry the cut sod by wheel barrow to your truck to dispose of it. But frankly $500 seem reasonable to me. I mean just hauling away the torn out grass and any dirt that...