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    Intex Sight Glass Removal

    Thank you Brett i want to remove as i am in the process of resetting up my pool and it has algae inside and did nt want to start season that way. Again thank you
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    Intex Sight Glass Removal

    How do I get that sight glass off my Intex Sand Pump. I have not seen any answers specific to the I:geek:ntex pump
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    sight glass green

    I have noticed in last week my sight glass on my intex sand filter is greenish and looking bad. I have backwashed 2x and rinsed but that still is green. Pool is perfectly clear any have any answers about that? Is there ever an occasion to open the filter and look that way? Please
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    Heater Suggestions Needed

    I am looking for suggestion on adding a heater my Intex 18 x 52 ultra frame. Mainly for comfort and to be able to swim year round. Any and all welcome
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    Fountain Question

    Chayne I would love to see you post pics of your DIY fountain I am in the middle of trying to create one
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    If its not one thing its everything HELP

    Need some hard-core advice. Due to situations out of my control we had to move in December after building a deck and hard piping my Intex 16’ x 48 ultra frame. Due to insane weather & the move at hand the pool & sand filter I had did not make it. So, I had to go back to the drawing board. Now at...
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    Going to Start Over - Need Advice

    Hello Happy Sunday Funday Do you know what year they started making poly carbonate T-connectors vs non poly carbonated?
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    Idiot alert..Harvey related

    good thoughts and prayers to you I am in Houston and this is the craziest thing I ever saw.
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    Harvey is killing us in Houston Need Suggestions

    Well don’t really even know what today regarding Harvey and the devastation it caused. I am in Houston proper and right now have managed to avoid evacuation & getting water in my house. It has been pretty much a constant effort to divert the water from coming in. Last week I asked the question...
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    Tropical Storm Harvey coming, to cover or not?

    I need some good quick advice on whether or not to cover the pool during a tropical storm. I live in Houston TX and they are predicting Harvey will make land south West of us which leave s us on the dirty side of the storm. Not so much a wind storm as they are predicting torrential rains &...
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    Intex Ultra Frame poles leaning

    I just had to deal with same exact issue. I did exactly what you were thinking but I had someone in the pool pushing the T Joint out at the same time hammering in. I also used a 6 inch 4 x 4 to break the blow to the leg. Good luck
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    Hayward above ground pool skimmer part

    I had the same issue and went back & forth numerous times to Lowes & HD looking for the fitting. I finally found couplings that did the trick. They are picey and at first i had no use for the rest of the part. Thought I would at least throw it out there. I returned so many parts that did not...
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    Bath mat under ladder

    what kind of ladder are you using Charles?
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    I Just Cut My Intex Pool For My Upgrade :-)

    would love to see an answer to that
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    Ladder advice please

    Can anyone recommend a goo, safe & sturdy In-pool ladder ?