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    Looking to replace pump...need guidance

    We recently replaced our old pump with the Pentair SuperFlo VS. I will say it was definitely worth it. It replaced an old 3/4HP single speed pump that last season we ran 24/7. We have our SuperFlo wired for 230 but it can be wired fore either 115 or 230. It has an onboard 24 hour clock and...
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    PB discouraging VSP

    I would be willing to bet he’s got inventory he’d like to unload. If it’s lack of understanding on his part, he might not be the right PB for you. We just recently purchased a variable speed pump to replace our relic of a pump. It was a single speed. I’m beyond impressed with how much more...
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    Power/wiring question Pentair SuperFlo VS

    We're trying to get this wrapped up before the 19th when we go on vacation for a week, and have someone house sitting, I'm hoping not to have our friend have to worry about hassling with the old pump till we get back. I did find a Siemens style breaker so if we get that we might end up swapping...
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    Power/wiring question Pentair SuperFlo VS

    So, I have a new Pentair SuperFlo VS pump. We were originally going to wire it to our existing 115v power that the old pump was hooked to. After some research though we decided instead to run a brand new 230 line from our main box to the pump's location. The manual recomends/suggests a...
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    New pump ordered

    I have a new pump ordered and hopefully it'll be here soon. I bought a Pentair SuperFlo VS 1 1/2HP thanks to the advice in my other post. I also ordered a flowmeter to help dial in the RPM's needed to stay within my Sand filter's Max flow rate of 60GPM. We are also going to update al the...
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    What Motor Is This

    The two speeds on your motor are listed in RPM values. top right 3450 or 1725
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    Close main drain and vac port?

    Still learning myself and from my experience, you want most of your water pulled through the skimmer line as it's a large part of circulating the water. If you were to have both open 100% your skimmer suction would be weak and that's your first line of defense against floating debris. I have...
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    Need to replace pool pump motor.

    That makes a lot of sense to me. Initially I was thinking I had to match the motor/pump specs as closely as possible. Because in my uninformed thinking higher HP=faster flow=overwhelming my sand filter. And I had visions of sand blowing out my return jets and killing my sand filter. Doesn't...
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    Questions before opening pool ourselves for the first time

    We have a sand filter as well, and I'm assuming you've done this but wanted to point out the air release valve near the multi-port valve (not the same as the drain plug on the bottom). When you first run the system you want to have that valve open till you get a steady stream of water coming...
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    Pool opening question.

    I ended up switching to mostly skimmer. With them both open my skimmer suction was a bit weak. I switched it to 100% skimmer and 0% drain (had to do some testing as the guy who upgraded the valves didn't label which was the drain and which was the skimmer lol). Then slightly opened the drain...
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    Need to replace pool pump motor.

    Good customer support is worth a lot these days. Of the two brands I am leaning towards Pentair. This thread has put my mind at ease a little as far a s self installing. Even with a professional install the warranties aren't long and from what I can tell are a bit limited. I had also emailed...
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    Need to replace pool pump motor.

    Thank you for the information. My wife's Dad who is an excellent plumber and electrician though he's not an officially licensed one. I'd be confident in his help installing a pump. If I do go for the variable speed pump I'm weighing the pros and cons to the warranty being void for self...
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    Pool opening question.

    Ok this may be a dumb question, but I want to make sure I'm doing things in the proper order. Last season (our first summer) we had the pool opened for us. This year with our pool renovation I'm doing the opening myself. We had swim ready pool water trucked in to fill our inground gunite...
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    Pool leaking from pipes or skimmer

    Best to stay on the safe side. When that thing would fail it would not only be a water mess, it would be dangerous for anyone inside it. That could be an ER visit waiting to happen. You could always get a small inflatable pool to tide the kids over for this season. We put up a decent sized...