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    Running a 55K Gal SWCG at 75% just to maintain a 4.0 CL level in a 17K gal pool

    Have we cleaned the SWCG lately? After I cleaned mine, I had to lower it from 40 to 10. .
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    How high do you run your SWCG?

    Last year I ran mine at 40% 24/7 and still had to add some extra chlorine every month to keep up. This year I cleaned it a month after we started up. Boy what a difference now it is running at 10% and it's staying pretty steady at 5ppm. .
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    Neighbor renting out their "Poolside Paradise." Renters keep coming to my house.

    I was just on the WS, and there are a few in the area. Even a few hot tubs for 8-9 people, WT. .
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    Official 2022 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    A friend brought over a Brisket Tip the other day. 8 hrs on the SnS with hickory and apple chunks, then into the cooler for 2. I did not wrap the tip, I just let it run threw the stall. This was my first time and when I do another I will trim all the fat off the top. As it really hurt the bark...
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    Official 2022 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    We also did Aulini in January. Beautiful location but the restaurants were just OK. The restaurant across the street was the Bomb. We had a car and drove to every-side of the island. As luck would have it they cancelled most Covid restrictions the day after we arrived. Noe back to the FOOD!
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    Sharing your poolside paradise

    I wounder if your insurence company would aprove? .
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    Pool Circulation help

    I ended up buying these jets to help with the circulation. m
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    Official 2022 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Fresh Time had these Bad Boys on sale the past weekend. Kinda hard not to go for it. Friday, Dry brine Kosher salt, and Gibson's seasoning. Saturday Night, Over night in the fridge, Then a little oil. SnS for about an hour The fun part And the best part..... Yummy........:cool: Ps, the...