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    BlackStone 1901

    I do have a small griddle that I use on my Weber grill. But Weber doesn't have an insert for my model. Wish they did but I think I'll be fine.
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    BlackStone 1901

    Well, we're on hold. The Nat gas parts don't get delivered till Tuesday. So, the build doesn't start till Wednesday. :(
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    BlackStone 1901

    I've been waiting for along time to pull trigger on a flat top. I've researched and called, CharGriller, Traeger, Weber and Blackstone. All but BS said their grills cannot be converted to Nat Gas or they wouldn't recommend it or warranty the grill. I was walking though Costco last month and low...
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    Char-Griller or Blackstone?

    I already have a small griddle that I use on my Weber gas grill. I also have a SnS Grill that I made Ribeye's on last night. So, this would be an add to the collection. I know that a four burner would be preferred but one only has so much room and doe. .
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    Warming Area Around Hot Tub Under Gazebo Curtains

    First any hanging light fixture over water is not code here, even if it is GFCI protected. I've been in an outdoor HT in real freezing weather, a warming area is not needed as when one gets out one is pretty toasty. But you might want to look into a warn foot mat. .
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    Char-Griller or Blackstone?

    The burning question at this house. I'm planning on getting one soon, but Menards has the 2 burner for $249 after the rebate. Or the 2 burner Blackstone at Lowes for $299 on sale. I will be turning either from propane to Nat gas, and it seems to me that Blackstone has an upgrade kit and...
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    Auto cover winter water level

    We have an auto cover. I lower the water level to just below the top of the Gizmo, which is about an inch or two above the skimmer opening.
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    Official 2022 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    No pictures, Kinda makes us wounder if this is really true or just some real good Pros'.
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    (new fiberglass pool) Are these construction defects or are they nothing to worry about?

    I personally would give River Pools a call, to get one of their reps out to see it. Cracks or damage caused by the PB or the manufacture of the shell, should be addressed by them.
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    What hardwood for salt pool deck

    I have a two tone Trex deck the brown gets hot. But the grey part gets warm but tolerable. .
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    Running a 55K Gal SWCG at 75% just to maintain a 4.0 CL level in a 17K gal pool

    Have we cleaned the SWCG lately? After I cleaned mine, I had to lower it from 40 to 10. .
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    How high do you run your SWCG?

    Last year I ran mine at 40% 24/7 and still had to add some extra chlorine every month to keep up. This year I cleaned it a month after we started up. Boy what a difference now it is running at 10% and it's staying pretty steady at 5ppm. .
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    Neighbor renting out their "Poolside Paradise." Renters keep coming to my house.

    I was just on the WS, and there are a few in the area. Even a few hot tubs for 8-9 people, WT. .
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    Official 2022 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    A friend brought over a Brisket Tip the other day. 8 hrs on the SnS with hickory and apple chunks, then into the cooler for 2. I did not wrap the tip, I just let it run threw the stall. This was my first time and when I do another I will trim all the fat off the top. As it really hurt the bark...