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    Pleatco filter question

    Anybody know the difference between the Pap-150 and Pap-200? They both have the same measurements and the filter I am replacing has both part numbers on the end cap. I'm not sure which one to order. Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Looking good so far!

    I think birds will drop earthworms sometimes and they land in the pool.
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    Water level went down?

    Where could it be leaking from when the pool is not running and water is below the skimmer?
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    Water level went down?

    Ok good. I guess I thought that since we had such a wet winter (even a hurricane), that the water level would have risen not gone down. Good to know that evaporation will happen even with the cover on.
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    Water level went down?

    I just peeked under the cover. It looks like the water level went down a couple inches over the winter. Is this normal?
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    16x40 Viking Caribbean Build by Sea Breeze OKC.

    I have never had to adjust the PH since the pool was installed. It is always 7.5 (yes, I do have a good test kit). It is possible that I am just lucky. I'm sure that is not typical but if you use the BBB method, the products you would need wouldn't cost near as much as what the pool store...
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    16x40 Viking Caribbean Build by Sea Breeze OKC.

    I have a Viking fiberglass pool with a SWG, although I have never used the tabs. We have very little water maintenance to do. The pool is always clear and test numbers are within range every time. In 2 years I doubt we spent much more than $25.00 a season for some salt, stabilizer and bleach...
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    Pump is not staying primed

    Hello all, Before the hurricane started we shut off the pump and covered the pool equipment (afraid of trees falling on the equipment). The day after the hurricane we went to restart it and it needed to re-prime (it was off for about 36 hours). The pump and the filter had no water in them. We...
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    Salt Loss

    I'll try using the strips to check the salt. This is the second summer for the cell (and pool). The "inspect cell" light had come on recently but I read in the manual that it comes on automatically after 3 months.
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    Salt Loss

    I get the reading from the SWCG. We do not have autofill.
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    Salt Loss

    How much salt loss is normal? I know that is a hard question to answer. The pool is used only about 3 times a week (no kids splashing). Last year I didn't have to add salt at all but this year it seems to be lowering about 100ppm per week and I have to add some.
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    Pet Pictures

    Re: Post Pictures of your animals First picture is Pete our Boston Terrier. Second is Calvin our male pug. Third pic is Penny our female old lady pug.
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    What is everyone's occupation/profession?

    I own a boating supply store.
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    Start-up salt reading?

    When I uncovered our pool on Saturday the digital salt reading was 3400. I was shocking the pool and didn't turn on the SWG. Now on Wednesday when I turn on the SWG it reads 2400 and won't generate. Is this normal? Was the 3400 reading basically just stored in the memory from last season?