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    Recommendations for pool control systems available in the UK

    Injection of liquid chlorine and acid. Our fill water is high very TA so if i want to raise TA then I just top up the water level. I have a chlorine tablet feeder so I would keep that and use it (even more) sparingly.
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    Recommendations for pool control systems available in the UK

    Thanks for the response casey. Our pool is bigger than a lot of residential pools, but it's a tiddler compared to most public pools. It's quite a challenge running it as a hand-dosed pool, especially when the whole school gets in for the swim gala! We manage, but we need to do the upgrades.
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    Running at Higher CYA Level with Intense Sunlight

    Based on what you say, you are only losing 3-4ppm of chlorine a day. That doesn't sound so much for a pool in full sunlight all day, but maybe it can be reduced. If you decide to increase your CYA, there's no need to go the whole hog. Try CYA at 50 and see how much difference that makes. You...
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    Sodium Hypo and pH, LeimLife

    Your first option is the better one, and I think that is what is suggested on this forum. Otherwise you will use masses of chemicals that fight each other a certain amount. And you will create quite corrosive conditions in the pool by dropping the pH below 7. I have fill water with alkalinity...
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    Bottom of Pool is Dirty Everyday

    Evaporation won't remove CYA unfortunately. The water evaporates but the CYA gets left behind.
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    Recommendations for pool control systems available in the UK

    We would like to install automatic dosing in our community pool. I'd go so far as to say that if don't install auto dosing then we won't be open next year. I cannot do another summer where I have to check the pool three plus times a day every day (and I don't do it all), and I won't ask anyone...
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    need help at end of slam.... readings help?!

    I think that high pH and high TA (unbalanced water) can indeed cause the calcium to precipitate out. I had a day earlier this week when the water looked a little cloudy which always means the pH is too high in my pool and the next thing I know the filter pressure is climbing and I had to...
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    Does anyone have experience with automated chemical dosing?

    I run a school pool built in the 1960s. The pool is hand dosed. We use a combo of trichlor tablets in a feeder to give us some continuous addition and 14% sodium hypochlorite for topping it up. I know all about CYA thanks to TFP and am able to manage this combination of chemicals pretty well. I...
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    Questions about softening a chlorinated pool

    The trichlor tabs are useful if you actually want to add CYA to your pool for any reason. I think some people keep the tabs around to use when they go on holiday and can't tend to the pool daily.
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    Help with high pH

    Even with high TA, the acid should bring down the pH, shouldn't it? I just did a refill of my pool and the TA was so high that it is literally off the scale on my tester. But when I add acid, the pH comes down, at least for a while. Adding bleach to a pool with very high TA will push the pH...
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    Pool Parties drinking up my Chlorine

    With no CYA in your water, your chlorine would be gone in 4-5 hours even if nobody swam. I have an opaque pool cover too and when the pool cover is on, the chlorine stays in the water. I recently refilled my pool, and so started with no CYA again. Shocked to 10ppm, cover on and floats under it...
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    Pool testing device - digital preferred - advice needed

    You'll never really know where you are with pH if the accuracy is less than the entire range that you're trying to measure. When the pool inspectors turn up with much more accurate kit, you might find that you're not compliant with the regulations. I think you're right that the 4 in 1 or 5 in...
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    how much cya would be "normal" to lose ....

    I think temperature affects this test, and it is only accurate in a narrow range. Something to do with the solubility of the precipitate. At the start of this week we had a mini heatwave, and the water got warmed up by the sun to 29 degrees C (sorry don't do F) which is 2-3 degrees warmer than...
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    Cyanuric Acid 200ppm - Drain Pool

    Adding lye will just make your pH go sky high, and then you'll have two problems to deal with not one. The only way to lower CYA is to drain part of the pool and replace with water that has no CYA.
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    tap water with high TA

    Your tap water is quite similar in composition to ours. High pH also contributes to scaling. When you have a high TA and a high pH at the same time, then that's likely to be your problem.