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    Cloudy pool, algae covered floor, no chlorine...

    DoePooled, you are in good hands. @mknauss will get you fixed up. I do want to encourage you, while it is very overwhelming at first, pool maintenance is actually quite easy and you will soon feel much better about it once you get a handle on it! It is actually quite simple, like anything else...
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    It all a mystery

    It is fun! Especially once you start using TFP methods for maintaining your pool. I hated my pool the first year I had it because I was going off of bad methods (test strips, pool store advice, etc). Found TFP 2 years ago and the last 3 seasons my pool ownership has been a blast!
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    Newbie, why keep chlorine higher than traditional measures recommend

    Or they could trust the science. -shrug-
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    Messed up opening - no CYA?

    I'd also switch to liquid chlorine. Since you have a vinyl liner there is no need to keep adding calcium. This will help you as a new pool owner: ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry - Trouble Free Pool
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    Foam on water while slamming

    To the OP! Gorgeous pool. Once you get the water balanced and do not add anymore magic potions, you will have crystal clear water, and the water will be as gorgeous as the pool!
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    Foam on water while slamming

    If that is lotion then someone must be putting on a whole bottle at a time!
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    Newbie, why keep chlorine higher than traditional measures recommend

    This is a great point. And I would want it higher than that if people were swimming in my drinking water! :D
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    Trouble with Stabilizer

    Algaecide caused me a lot of problems 3 years ago. Most are copper-based and copper is not something you want to add to your pool. Have you read the Pool School article on Water Chemistry?
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    Well she's open!

    We had severe t-storms come through Sunday night. pH jumped from 7.6 to over 8. I added 2 cups of MA yesterday, and reduced it but it was still high. Added another cup today and the pH is now at 7.6 again. First time I've seen the pH jump that high after rain. It did pour though and I think it...
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    Pool Draining and possible black alge

    You will be fine then up to SLAM level for your CYA (which will be pretty low initially with a drain and fill).
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    Need to drain pool

    Just keep the daily chlorine add up until you get that kit. I am dubious of any test results done other than with a real test kit. Are you sure you are getting green/brown? I ask because when algae is dead it is very fine brown silt at the bottom and brushing it will get stirred up and...
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    Pool Draining and possible black alge

    Is it a new pool or replaster?
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    Can I get a pool inspected with no water in it?

    And sometimes in the same family! When we bought our house with the pool: - I didn't want a pool. Watched my dad maintain the pool we had growing up and wanted no part of that! - Wife didn't care. If it had one then good she'd use it occasionally, if not as long as she was happy with the house...
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    Resetting bullnose brick and tile

    I would imagine that after 25 years these are all pretty common issues. I know my 18 year-old concrete around my pool is cracking and has been for the last couple of years.
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    Inline Chlorinator - Stopping Use

    With the cover closed your FC loss will be a lot less daily.