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    Reduced Flow Rate When Running Through Solar Panels

    The first is series, the second is Parallel
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    Thru-Wall Skimmer Basket on Intex Easy Set Pool

    On an easy set pool installing a sidewall skimmer will cost you at least 6" of depth, the ring doesn't hold up the walls so much as adds depth. I have had easy sets in the past and they will hold water up to the top of the sidewall without the ring being inflated.
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    Reduced Flow Rate When Running Through Solar Panels

    I use a 2 speed/1.5 hp pump on high to move water through my 2 - 2' x 20' panels works just fine. Can you post a diagram of how you piped in your panels?
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    First time pool in owner in Saskatchewan Canada.

    I found my last K 2006 on, I think it was about 186$ all in. DPD powder and titration solution (2 oz bottle r-0871) are about 40-60$ for the pair, CYA reagent is fairly affordable as well. Once a year I order DPD/r -0871 and cya reagent, then every third spring I order a new k-2006. I...
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    Above ground salt water pool gas heater

    solar cover? no use heating a house with no roof
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    I went back to Lesile's today...

    The next time you go to Leslie's, bring some tap water and see what they say, lol You have the 2006c, test your fill water, it will tell you how much ph, TA and CH you add replacing evaporation loss. 3. Once you get some good MA and are able to manipulate your ph, move to 4 4. TA read up in pool...
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    Solar Collector Build DIY

    You should look into a Pentair/Hayward solar controller, they really help maximize the benefit of solar.
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    Is our pool sloping too much?

    Intex pools have that square tile liner pattern on them, if your water is level with the liner pattern the pool will be level. Sunken paver, I used ceramic tiles as shims when I re leveled my Intex a few years ago, tiles come in 1/8", 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4", they will not rot out and put you in the...
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    AG insulfloor opinions

    It works out to roughly 225 pounds per square foot weight on the bottom of the pool, which is why base prep is very important. The weight on the individual uprights is less as the bottom of the pool rests on solid ground, the uprights hold the sidewalls upright, the pool is not suspended on the...
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    PSA : Check your Reagent Expire Dates

    I started shopping replacements reagents a few weeks ago, in the end I ordered up a 2006c with salt test. Seems like a good maintenance plan to reorder a new kit every 3rd spring. I plan on alternating it with solar cover replacement to spread the high cost of pool maintenance down :)
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    3rd season with our pool and frustrated!

    Welcome to TFP The knowledge contained on this site will save you tons of $$$$, most of us prefer to spend our hard earned cash on bling and pool floaties, not keeping pool stores in business. The TFP method does require you to have the ability to test your own water, which is real easy with one...
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    Need help choosing a pump+saltwater system

    I have a Hayward 1.5 2sp very nice unit large basket is a major plus.
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    TF test kit outside North America

    That is a great price
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    TF test kit outside North America

    I get my kits and refills in Canada through Amazon.