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    Rainwater Running I to pool!!!

    I have an in-ground pool where rainwater is carrying trash into the pool at the steps area. Has anyone else had the problem and how did you fix it? Concrete diverted? Rubber bumper? The steps entering the pool are just slightly lower lower and allow the water to enter pool Carrington trash...
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    Intex Pool w/DIY Skimmer Question

    Hmmmm. I shall investigate. Thankse
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    Intex Pool w/DIY Skimmer Question

    williamshelton1972, Where did you get those two piece threaded pvc rings that screw together? Are those the same threads as the intex filter? Haven't ever seen those before.
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    Custom PVC Pipe Adapter for Intex Pools

    Any ideas about why I can't see the pictures on this post? or at least the original post?
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    My Hayward AQUA BUG is Obviously Right Handed!!!

    I used my Hayward Aqua Bug last summer with very little issues at all. This year I have noticed that the bug is keeping the right side of the pool perfectly clean but the left side is getting very little/no coverage at all. When observing the bug I notice that most of the time that the speed...