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    New to Bromine

    Thanks for your response @jza1736
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    New to Bromine

    Hi I just recently converted my dual chamber swim spa from Chorine to Bromine using the instructions posted herein. At first, (the first few months) all test levels were within range; PH=7.5, ALC=80, Bromine=6. I am using two tablets in my spa portion (225 gallons) and 8 tablets in the swim...
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    Are all these 10+ chemicals really neccessary?

    I feel your pain @Sjde! I was truly confused by the direction the spa store people gave me but once I found TFP and read all the articles in PoolSchool, I now have a better understanding and have been practicing the TFP methods for six months now and my water has never been more clear and...
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    Non-Chlorine Oxidizing Shock for Spa

    The precise product am using is OXY-SPA from Spa-Depot, Non-Chlorine Oxidizing Shock; 42.8% Potassium Peroxymonosulfate, 57.2% Inert Ingredients, 4.3% Active Oxygen. It is my understanding this product is not a sanitizer and therefore should not raise my free chlorine? Can you help me...
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    SwimSpa Water Testing Questions/Recommendations

    Thanks chem geek for your input.
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    SwimSpa Water Testing Questions/Recommendations

    I have a H2X 19' Trainer Deep SwimSpa, Model 1270. ECO PUR water filter system. 231" X 94" X 60". SwimSpa. Spa side capacity = 225 gallons, Swim side capacity = 2045 for a total capacity of 2270 gallons. Ozone system, 4 pumps, 48 jets. Question #1 Should I always run the pumps for a time...
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    LakeLizard from Oklahoma says "Howdy y'all!"

    TFP, I'm LakeLizard from Piedmont, OK. Recently purchased a H2X SwimSpa last December, so am a newbie regarding water chemistry. Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you want to look at it), I am very analytical and overthink things too often and make things harder on myself than they need...