New to Bromine


Sep 7, 2015
Hi I just recently converted my dual chamber swim spa from Chorine to Bromine using the instructions posted herein. At first, (the first few months) all test levels were within range; PH=7.5, ALC=80, Bromine=6. I am using two tablets in my spa portion (225 gallons) and 8 tablets in the swim portion (2010 gallons). Spa is at 101 deg and the swim side is 86 deg.

My issue is the PH is now holding at 7.7 and the ALC keeps lowering so I use Baking Soda to increase it but a few weeks later it goes back down to 40 or so. I try to keep the bromine level at 4-6, PH stays around 7.7 but ALC will drop from 80 to 40 in a couple of weeks.

Very little use of the swim spa and stays covered until weeks end for testing.

With Bromine, is it normal for the ALC to keep falling?

Your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.