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    Automated Pool Cover Danger - Inadvertent Closure

    Has anyone seen an automated pool cover close unexpectedly? This recently happened at a friend's pool where children were swimming. Fortunately, due to a quick response by adults watching the pool, no one was injured. We have been in contact with the vendor of the pool cover machinery but...
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    Water level when I remove the lid from my pump

    For as long as I've been working with my pool, when I removed the lid from my pump (because I want to clean the basket for example), the water level inside the pump fell. Recently however, the water level seems to stay intact, or actually rise until it overflows the pump. Seems like...
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    Leaving pump off while away for a week

    Weeklong vacation. Don’t want to run the pump while away (have had problems in the past with things getting clogged or skimmers running low). Pool cover not an option. My water is in balance. Don’t want to use chlorine pucks. My thought was to chlorinate (liquid chlorine) up to SLAM before I...
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    Booster Pump No Longer Needed - What to do with it?

    Okay, thanks all.
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    Pump Pressure with and without solar running

    I believe it’s running the same speed.
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    Booster Pump No Longer Needed - What to do with it?

    I finally gave up on my Polaris 380 and moved to an M400. This means I no longer need a booster pump. My question is whether I'm advised to remove the booster pump entirely or just leave it there off and inactive. My instinct is to leave it there and not mess with it. Is there any harm in...
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    Pump Pressure with and without solar running

    I have a Hayward control switch which can redirect water to the roof to be solar heated. When I run with solar heating, my cartridge filter PSI is around 10-12. When I run without solar, PSI drops to 2-4. How should I think about what the "right" pressure is with and without the solar...
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    Leaving SWG for Liquid Chlorine

    My salt cell is dead and I'm planning on using liquid chlorine for the remainder of the season. I had a few questions. 1. The SWG's power is configured to work off the main pump on the same circuit. I've set chlorine production to zero but I'm wondering if there's some way to disable the...
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    Pest Care Near Pool - All Seasons Horticultural and Dormant Spray

    Sick pine tree (with mites) very near my pool. I was recommended to use All Seasons Horticultural and Dormant Spray by Bonide to drench the tree. We're going to be careful in application and try to prevent any of the material from going into the pool water, but I wanted to check TFP to see if...
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    Checking levels while pool is closed

    Thank you for all your feedback. I'm going to re-run my tests using a proper test kit. But my pump is off for the year: Should I just to move the water around a bit with a brush? Or will I not get good results without more water circulation?
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    Checking levels while pool is closed

    My pool was closed about a month ago. Today I decided to measure the chemicals using a Lamotte strip (didn't want to do the full TF-100 tests). I found that my pH was at least nine, and my Total Hardness was 800+. Other measurements looked good. While I've read posts about the chemical...
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    New to this - White flakes around returns

    Just to follow up, I took the advice above and the initial problem with white flakes is now gone. I also vacuumed up a bunch of the white powder. Still working on getting TA down, keeping pH down, and increasing CYA, but that's for another thread.
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    Pool Cleaner Frequency - Question from Pool School

    Hi, Pool School, under Basic Pool Care Schedule, suggests running the pool cleaner (I have a Polaris 380) once per week. At my pool currently, I have it running on a timer every day for a subset of the hours I run the main pump. I assumed that running the cleaner daily kept the pool clean...
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    Clarification on the CYA 24 hour pump rule

    Okay. As an aside, is there a problem with running the pump for 48 hours or more? In case the initial amount doesn't dissolve?