Leaving pump off while away for a week


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Apr 13, 2014
Northern Virginia
Weeklong vacation. Don’t want to run the pump while away (have had problems in the past with things getting clogged or skimmers running low). Pool cover not an option. My water is in balance. Don’t want to use chlorine pucks. My thought was to chlorinate (liquid chlorine) up to SLAM before I leave. Good idea or other suggestions?


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Jun 7, 2017
Damascus, MD
It would be better if you could have someone come in and check on things. Also the water in your pipes and equipment is going to start getting stale. A week is "probably" ok but hard to say. Do you have a water driven vacuum you could leave going in the pool to keep the water moving somewhat?


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Apr 17, 2010
East Texas
Actually.....we DO recommend using those "evil" pucks for vacation and times away if no other options. You are on the right track to raise your FC to SLAM level. I'd sure circulate it a few hours a day if I could though in hotter weather. If you run it a lot less out of fear while you're gone, you know your SWG won't provide the FC you're used to unless you can crank up your % significantly and let the pucks make up the difference. You can screen off the skimmer face opening to keep stuff from clogging the skimmers. Got one buddy who can check on it once midway through to stop by and check water level?