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    When to run sheer descents?

    Thank you! Added 128 oz of baking soda and I'll test again tomorrow. Will pick up CYA at the pool store.
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    When to run sheer descents?

    Brrr, in the midst of a cold snap in DFW. Well, I guess that statement is relative;). We have freeze protection on our pool, the main pump kicks on when the temp dips to 38 degrees. I have been turning on the sheer scents on by hand when the temp dips. Are they supposed to run at a certain...
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    Robotic Pool Cleaners

    Just called Marina on Saturday. Purchased the S200 for $700.
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    New Pool Build - Little Elm TX

    Wow, that's not even close in color! I hope your meeting with your builder goes well on Thursday.
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    Unusual delay from excavation to gunite?

    Thanks guys for all of your responses. I appreciate hearing about everyone's experiences. Dirk, I get what you mean and it makes sense. :) I firmly believe in the kill 'em with kindness approach. I appreciate everyone telling me when it's normal to wait so I don't become overbearing. As...
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    Unusual delay from excavation to gunite?

    Excavation was 9/18-19. Rebar quickly followed and we had a torrential rain on 9/21-22. Everything was completely flooded and then pumped out over the next few days. It's been dry since last Wednesday. They propped up the rebar that was sunk into the mud from the first rain and now we're still...
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    New Pool Build North East Atlanta

    Looks great! We're using the same tile. What color will your interior finish be?
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    New Pool Build in Fulshear - Houston TX Area

    Thanks for posting so many pictures of this. We're getting a rolled edge too. So glad that your builder is going to retile the spa.
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    DFW New Build Flooded

    Thanks for posting a picture of the steel chairs. Before the rain, I remember seeing something like pieces of brick that it was sitting on. I'll show this to my husband. He works from home and is able to check in as the guys are here working. Yesterday, electrical came out to do the bonding...
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    DFW New Build Flooded

    That would be tough! It must be difficult to have crews going in four directions since this is such a labor intensive fix. They're sending crews out for plumbing and bonding starting tomorrow. The floor is partially dug out. My understanding is that code is for 3" of clearance for rebar. My...
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    DFW New Build Flooded

    Thank you Kim! Headed out to Walmart to fill a cooler of water and gatorade. Going to be 89 degrees today so hopefully it dries things out a bit more.
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    Pool Dreams Coming True in West Central Florida

    Love the touch of bling with the turquoise tile!
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    DFW New Build Flooded

    I'm sure everything will be fixed. Our builder and supervisor have been out on site and working to fix the issue. As long as the dimensions are the same, and there won't be an issue with encasing the rebar, then I am ok with where we're at. I agree with the previous poster. I think breakfast...
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