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    Ariel SolarBreeze Review

    They are supposed to release a fix later this fall. It will probably require sending the unit back to upgrade it.
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    What to start stocking up on to open swamp pool next spring

    Depending on how much water you exchange, you may end up using most of that just to clear the pool. Also I would not buy it early and store it as it degrades. Just research where to buy one and buy it just before you need to start using it.
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    Polywood Furniture

    So its basically a bottle of diluted bleach. Well I feel silly now. Oh, well the chairs are still nice, and more are on the way.
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    Polywood Furniture

    Ok, so the primary ingredient is bleach. Anything else in there I should know about?
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    Polywood Furniture

    Turns out I like these chairs so much I bought 4 more. Going to put them around the firepit.
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    Treating lawn around pool for grubs

    You could do it yourself. They are probably using this.
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    What to start stocking up on to open swamp pool next spring

    Like @Newdude said, getting as much drained out as possible will be your best bet. I would also consider buying your LC in bulk, like a 55 gallon drum. Start calling around this winter to see if you can find some places that sell it that way.
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    Maintaining Glass Mosaic Tile

    In pool math go to settings. Its the wheel like thing in the upper right hand corner. Turn on the Track CSI setting.
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    Ideas for tall-ish privacy plants along fenceline?

    Dont know if they grow where you are, but Areca palms might be worth considering.
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    input on a good cordless bluetooth speaker

    So first, interesting comment about dumping Prime, there is a backstory there.... Anyway I would highly recommend the Sonos speaker over bluetooth. Its Wifi based, and has its own processor. So you can program music to it and not be tied to your phone. So when your phone rings or gets a text...
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    Safe to use Robot during SLAM?

    Go ahead and use your robot. When its done cleaning take it out and rinse it off. It will help you clear out dead debris.
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    So… How’d everyone’s Labor Day go ?

    I played golf and floated in my pool. Low risk of injury.
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    Who knows anything about exterior house paint

    So we need to paint the house. Its Florida so its a concrete block stucco house. Apparently I have been told to get Benjamin Moore paint. The paint contractor specified Ultra Spec. So when I went into the store to get samples to try decide what color we want the store folks said “oh thats...
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    Little Spots of Green - Algae, Seaweed(!), or What?

    Sounds like classic black algae. You should get in the pool and get them all scraped up. I use a bamboo BBQ skewer to pick at them. A wire brush works too. Then get a 1 gallon pump sprayer and fill it with LC. Spray the scraped up spots with that to really help kill the roots. Now you will...
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    Cleaning pool tile

    I have used some fine wet sandpaper with decent results.