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    New member - johntniman

    Get that robot in there with your fine pleated filters. It will help clean up the dead stuff.
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    Selection Advice

    You’re killing me Smalls. I will not be the first to buy one, somebody needs to give me a really positive review and it better be cheaper than 1800 euros. But in the end I will probably get sucked into one. I cant resist this stuff. Anybody want to buy a lightly used 1 year old M500
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    Selection Advice

    Hmmm, watched the video again. It claims to have dual drive motors which is a big selling point on the M series and an upgrade from the S series. But I still consider it having 2 brushes not 4. The 3rd brush was one of the big selling points for me, and that is still missing. But let me tell...
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    Selection Advice

    The Polaris seems interesting. Slightly more advanced than the Maytronics in terms of WiFi integration. It seems to only have one brush, which I am not sure is a big deal. I just happen to like that my M500 has 3 brushes since I hate brushing and that is a big part of why I have a robot. Also I...
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    Selection Advice

    The 600 seems nice. Looks like an upgraded S300. If money is no object and it really is coming out in June I would go for that.
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    Which filters to use?

    If you got a 30 model, didn’t you get the combo filter? That is the best of all worlds you have the mesh to catch the big stuff and the fine pleated filters for really small stuff.
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    Yet another CYA testing question

    So I read the forums constantly trying to keep learning. I think I am pretty good. I even try to answer a few questions when I pretty sure I have something to add. Yet I still make rookie mistakes. I know now that I should test the CYA under the same conditions all the time. Same time of day...
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    Trying to bring back a neglected pool

    Just a quick note on the M400, are you using the mesh filters or the fine pleated filters? The pleated filters will help you clear the pool up faster. It just acts like you have another filter in the pool. The mesh might not pick up all the dead algae.
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    How much better are robots vs suction cleaners?

    When my old M5 was stolen it was a disaster at our house. The pool never looked so bad. I managed to last about 2 weeks before I completely lost my mind. Ordered a nice new M500 and restored balance to the Force. When this one goes I will buy a new one, hopefully one that is cloud connected...
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    It’s arrived

    Good call on getting the NX2 over the previous model. It is MUCH better than the NX. Would love to hear your experiences after you get it.
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    Quality Poles and Brushes that can purchased on Amazon?

    I have a net made by PoolTuff products that I bought from Amazon. It was very highly rated and has a lifetime guarantee. I think when I registered it I am now on their mailing list and they are supposed to launch a kickstarter type thing for a pool pole with a same type of lifetime guarantee. I...
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    Input System for Outdoor Speakers

    I totally forgot about the Echo Input. Actually the OP could use that to solve their problem. It is the Chromecast of the Amazon ecosystem. I guess fundamentally you just need to pick one way or another. Amazon, Google, or Sonos and just build on top of that. With Sonos you can hybridize a bit...
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    Input System for Outdoor Speakers

    They go on sale periodically so I am not concerned. Besides I have an extra one that I am willing to sacrifice.
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    Input System for Outdoor Speakers

    I have had Sonos for about 8 years and the multi room integration is the best. Back then they were the only ones that could stream internet music well, and be controlled by a phone or iPad. Most of my speakers are wired to Sonos amps. Also the iPhone/ipad apps are great and very easy to use. The...
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    Dolphin S300i Pool Cleaner - Any Good?

    I will be in NC tomorrow, where can I buy it.