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    Questions on closed fiberglass pool...

    My fiberglass pool has been closed professionally since 2019. Water level has been right at the middle of the skimmer. Elbows and gizmos added to the two returns. Gizmo added to the skimmer. One gallon of antifreeze added to each of those three lines after they are blown out by the cyclone...
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    Skimmer faceplate bleaching

    Same thing has happened to mine. I have gray skimmer faceplate.
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    Closing after AA treatment

    Closing is scheduled for this Friday, Oct. 22nd. I added Poly 60 on Oct. 9th and did the treatment on the 10th. Starting raising the chlorine on the 11th. No issues after the treatment and iron is sequestered in the water. CYA is 30 and have been raising the FC daily back up to 5.5 of the...
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    Discoloration in Fiberglass Pool (Iron?)

    Here is a view of where the vitamin c was applied. The first step is an AA treatment? Then followed up with a sequestration agent? Since my pool gets closed for winter I assume it would be best to do closer to the closing since FC should be lowered? Or do at an early spring opening before the...
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    Discoloration in Fiberglass Pool (Iron?)

    When you say “manage the water” does that mean using an sequestering agent to keep the iron soluble in the water and not attaching to the pool? When does the filtering of pool water into with poly fill come into play?
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    Discoloration in Fiberglass Pool (Iron?)

    It must be the elevated FC. I have kept my FC on the high range and actually above. First summer with SWG and my FC will drift up when don’t use the pool and being covered with a solar cover.
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    Discoloration in Fiberglass Pool (Iron?)

    I am on well water, but have not added any well water within all of 2021 due to the rainfall this year. Unsure why it popped up now. Maybe it has been there and just now noticing more so since my water level dropping to previous levels. I’ve kept a couple of inches higher this summer thinking...
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    Discoloration in Fiberglass Pool (Iron?)

    Moved from HERE My fiberglass pool just started having a similar coloration on the water line. Followed this thread and crushed up some vitamin c and placed in a sock. Rubbed along the waterline and the coloration faded. I assume it is iron staining?
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    Vacation success

    We were gone for six nights. This was the first time leaving the pool. I do have a SWG with a CYA level of 60. Chlorine was 9.5 when I left. Placed the solar cover on the pool ( which we use all the time anyway) and set the swg to produce 1.9 ppm of chlorine. Normal setting is 3.0 as long as...
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    KY Build Started June 17th-- DIG PICTURES!

    Our fiberglass pool is 6 ft deep. Ultimately, it depends on what you want the pool for in my opinion. Exercise, lounging, cannonballs, and/or all of the above? Most liner pools in our neighborhood go from 3 ft to 8 ft. with a typical size of 16x32. There are four additional FB pools in our...
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    Will black winter cover/tarp keep water warmer for spring opening?

    What factors do you use to finally add the solar cover to the spring pool water? Certain water temp? Trees done blooming? Air temperature at night? Or just tired of the tarp?
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    Freezing Temps Tomorrow

    Turned the pool pump on last night and the water temperature was 58. This morning the water temperature is 53 with an inch or so of snow on the grass. The low air temperature was 30 last night. The next two nights will be below freezing and with the upcoming Tuesday having a forecast high of 81.
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