Closing after AA treatment


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Sep 4, 2019
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Closing is scheduled for this Friday, Oct. 22nd. I added Poly 60 on Oct. 9th and did the treatment on the 10th. Starting raising the chlorine on the 11th. No issues after the treatment and iron is sequestered in the water. CYA is 30 and have been raising the FC daily back up to 5.5 of the target range. Water temp today is at 61 And the Lowest it has been all fall . Do I add some addition poly 60 for extra protection? Raise to FC to slam? Just close as is and keep an eye on the water and add some chlorine and mix with submersible pump in the coming weeks until the water temp drops into the low 50’s? The recent AA treatment has me wondering about the best path to follow.

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Jun 22, 2014
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Post-AA, increasing to SLAM level is probably going to bring the stains back. If you still have some sequestrant available, you can try increasing the FC little by little (maybe 8 - 10 ppm) then add sequestrant if staining tries to occur. Also watch the pH and try to keep it on the low side. But if those things don't work, you basically have two choices: 1 - Increase the FC to SLAM to avoid algae and deal with potential staining next spring; 2 - leave the FC close to where you are now and add Poly 60 just before closing. The submersible pump might be handy in 2-3 months if FC is gone, but might also depend on the condition of the water (ice) and ability to access for testing and placing the pump.
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